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Question: Why do some scooters have three wheels and other mobility scooters have four wheels?

Answer: The chief difference between the two types of scooters is that of stability. The advantage of a three wheel mobility scooter is its superior maneuverability, perfect for use inside the home or any other similarly confined areas. Three wheel mobility scooters have a better turning radius than four wheel mobility scooters and will be able to circumnavigate in tighter spaces. Four wheel mobility scooters are designed to provide more stable operation when traveling on slopes or rough, uneven terrain. Many of the heavy-duty or luxury mobility scooters will be four wheel models because of their larger wheel-base.

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Three Wheel Mobility Scooters

Elite Traveller Plus Electric Scooter

Pride Go Go Elite Traveller Plus Electric Scooter

Unlike other portable scooters, the Pride Go Go Elite Traveller Plus Electric Scooter is features a unique design that allows it to be broken down into five (5) lightweight pieces using only one hand. The attractive design of this mobility scooter includes 3 sets of easily changeable color plates in red, blue, and silver as well as a Delta Tiller with wrap around handles for easier and more controlled steering. The solid, flat-free nine (9) inch tires in the rear and eight (8) inch tires in the front help the Traveller Plus provide great traction on rough terrain while the included battery pack allows the scooter to travel up to 13 miles on a full charge at speeds up to 4.5 miles per hour. One-handed disassembly into 5 easy-to-carry pieces

Electric Mobility Scooter

EWheels EW-36 Mobility Scooter

The EWheels EW-36 Mobility Scooter is a high powered and exceptionally well-built 3 wheeled scooter designed to provide a much greater top speed and range than any other scooter device on the market. Feature packed with all the luxuries of a high-end motor vehicle, this high-octane electric scooter can travel up to 15 miles per hour and has a range up to 45 miles! No other mobility scooters on the market compares to the EW-36 in control, capacity or conveniences. Fastest mobility scooters in the world today!

Afikim Breeze 3-Wheel Scooter

Afikim Breeze 3-Wheel Scooter

The Afikim Breeze 3-Wheel Scooter is a powerful mobility device that is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. The unique design of the Breeze 3-wheel combines stability, power, and futuristic styling into an economical package. The large wheels and high ground clearance makes it easy to maneuver in both city and country terrain. The unique adjustable suspension with shock absorbers makes you feel like you're driving on a cloud. Comfortable, adjustable orthopedic seat offers optimal comfort

Pride Mobility Go-Go ES Scooter

Pride Mobility Go-Go ES Scooter

Combining exceptional value and superb portability, the Go-Go ES Scooter is the top of the line in lightweight mobility. Each scooter disassembles into 6 easily managed pieces for convenient transport and storage, with the heaviest piece weighing just 27.5 lbs. The simple, easy to follow instructions for assembly and disassembly take less than a minute to complete and the pieces are compact and easy to maneuver! Great Lightweight and Portable! Ultra-tight turning radius

Afikim Breeze C 3-Wheel Scooter

Afikim Breeze C 3-Wheel Scooter

The 3 wheels on the C3 scooter each feature enhanced shock absorbers that are dynamically stable with efficient steering. The fully adjustable orthopedic seat swivels 360 for ease of entry and comfort. The Breeze line of mobility scooters combines all the advantages of advanced engineering, safety, and stylish design. Buy your Afikim Breeze C 3-Wheel Scooter today from! Easy to drive and easy to maintain

Mobility Scooters with Four Wheels

Afikim Breeze S 4-Wheel Scooter

Afikim Breeze S 4-Wheel Scooter

The unique advanced electronic system includes a programmable drive controller and LCD display. Breeze mobility scooters feature the most advanced safety system in the world, offers exceptional comfort, easy control and enhanced style. The comfortable orthopedic seat offers optimal day-long comfort. The powerful front LED and rear light dim at stand still to save battery power. The sleek alloy wheels and pneumatic tires look gorgeous while providing usability. Buy your Afikim Breeze S 4-Wheel Scooter today from! Wide seat option allows for two users to sit comfortably

Luxurious travel scooter

Pride Pursuit Mobility Scooter

The Pride Mobility Pursuit is the newest and most luxurious travel scooter on the market today! Featuring a rugged and powerful 24 volt DC motor, full suspension and 13" diameter tires, the Pursuit provides the ultimate in performance both inside the home and out on the road. With Pride's feather touch disassembly, the 5 easy carry modules allow for unparalleled portability, and reassembly is easy and quick. Built for rugged use with a 400 lb maximum weight capacity, yet able to transport without needing scooter lift, the Pursuit is the best of both worlds. Sleek and sporty styling looks as good as it rides!


EV Rider VITA Electric Scooter

The EV Rider VITA Electric Scooter is a revolutionary new outdoor mobility scooter with an exquisite design and stylish detail. Safe and comfortable, this advanced scooter features your choice of either a powerful 8mph motor or an upgraded 12.3mph high speed system. The Vita scooter also features a fully independent suspension system for a smooth, quiet ride every time. As you cruise by onlookers, the sporty exterior and attractive paint job will be sure to turn heads! State-of-the-art mobility scooter

Compact Mobility Scooters For Travel

Afikim Superlight S3 Scooter

Afikim Superlight S3 Scooter

The Afikim Superlight S3 Scooter is a best seller thanks to its stability and high maneuverability. The superlight disassembles into 4 pieces plus the basket which makes it easy to transport. Once disassembled, the heaviest piece is the rear motor which weighs only 31 pounds. This scooter is an ideal scooter for travelling, shopping or going to appointments because of the ease in transporting it with you.

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Luggie Travel Scooter

The Luggie Scooter is a portable, compact and easy to use mobility aid that was specially designed to provide users with superior comfort and support while on the go. The Luggie conveniently folds in half for storage and can be wheeled around while folded for easier transport. For added safety, the Luggie Scooter features large, durable tires as well as anti-tippers on the rear wheels to prevent accidents. Compact and foldable design is FAA and TSA approved for travel



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