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Motorized Exercise Cycle Replaces Lifecare Oxycycle

ActiveForever Sources Motorized Oxycycle Replacement to Fulfill Consumer Demand

The Lifecare Motorized Oxycycle was a product that therapists and patients sought after for a number of conditions. After Lifecare stopped doing business, ActiveForever utilized its product sourcing abilities to find the ideal Oxycycle replacement, and succeeded with the Motorized Exercise Cycle.

Much like the Motorized Oxycycle, the Motorized Exercise Cycle provides the motion for the user as opposed to providing resistance. The Lifecare Oxycycle was typically used for Stroke rehab, enhancing blood circulation, and post-surgery recovery for procedures such as knee replacements. The Motorized Exercise Cycle fulfills this need with a design that is practically identical to the Oxycycle by providing adjustable speed to help users customize their workout. In addition to foldable pedals, the Motorized Exercise Cycle features a quiet DC motor and digital display that shows calories burned, distance, time, reps, and total reps. Like the Oxycycle, the Motorized Exercise Cycle can be used on arms as well to help firm up muscles and speed up the recovery process from injuries or surgeries.

Motorized Exercise Cycle Replaces Lifecare Oxycycle

ActiveForever was disappointed to find out the Lifecare Oxycycle was discontinued, but is thrilled to be able to offer the exact same product with all of the same features and benefits as before. If you were a fan of the Lifecare Oxycycle, or are in the market to purchase one, be sure to check out the new Motorized Exercise Cycle.

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Author: Richard Chandler
Direct: 480.459.3200