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MSPA Bubble Spa - MSPA Portable Spa FAQ

The M-Rail  bed rail is the easy-to-install, lightweight and compact solution for a bedside handrail. Ergonomically designed, the M-Rail is more than just a flat, standard bedside rail. The “M” shape allows the user to get maximum leverage on the rail by using the forearm to pull them to an elevated position. Unlike most standard bedside rails , the M-Rail also has a well-padded cushion so there is no discomfort on the user’s hands or forearms.

            Compared to other bedside rails, the The M-Rail  is the clear choice among individuals looking to get the most utility and value from their bed rail. No other bed rail has the ergonomic “M” shape to provide leverage. The M-Rail  does not force the user to use only their hand strength for getting in and out of bed. This rail offers a unique ergonomic design that  appreciates, and affords the user the ability to confidently navigate their bed and bedroom.   

            The M-Rail is also among the most secure and safe bedrails on the market today. It easily attaches to your bed frame with locking straps for a secure and tight fit. The secure anchors allow the user to have confidence in their M-Rail for transferring in and out of bed with back pain, arthritis, Parkinson's, stroke symptoms, or recovery from any medical procedures. This is one of the most popular bed rails endorsed by ActiveForever.  The M-Rail is also valuable as a guard for anyone who may be at risk for falling out of bed.

            The M-Rail is compliant to use in planned living communities, assisted living and care homes because it’s not considered to be a restraint.   This beautifully designed bed rail is plenty sturdy enough to help transfers  in and out of bed, and large enough to help someone avoid falling out of bed, but it’s also small enough to enable a person to get in and out of bed without constraint.

            Priced in the same range as any standard bedside rail, the M-Rail is the clear choice for the individual seeking a bedside rail that is effective and provides the most comfort for the user.

Author: Tucker Frazier, Homecare Mobility Specialist

               Direct Dial: 480 459 3145