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No Statement, No Payment

Q4 - 2010

From The Accounting Department: The Secret To Getting Paid the Fastest

An important reminder as we continue to grow and bring our suppliers valuable business; an invoice must be sent to us for EVERY purchase order that you fulfill and it must reference our purchase order number. This includes all invoices from suppliers who charge our card as orders ship! Please make sure that you are sending them to as soon as you have issued them. If you are unable to email them, please fax them to 619-367-6800.

Please always remember to apply payments and charge payments exactly as they have been sent. Because some of our payments cover hundreds of invoices, mis-applying can cause hours of backtracking to correct the mis-applications. If we continue to have mis-applications of payments, we will have to implement an administrative fee to suppliers for fixing payments when then have been applied incorrectly. We send a detailed break out of what our payments are covering, so there should never be any confusion. If you ever have questions regarding a break out, please email Cari for clarification. One of the reasons we request statements is so that we can make sure we are paying our suppliers correctly.

P.S. Just as general reminder to please always check your spam folders. We sometimes get spammed and our emails are not being received.

Finally, as always, if there is a new contact in accounting department that we should be sending payments to, please make sure to email Cari so payments are not being missed.

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