The Open Up Jar Opener - Like an Extra Pair of Hands in the Kitchen

July 12, 2005

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Open Up Jar Opener

The Open Up Jar Opener
Like an Extra Pair of Hands in the Kitchen

Scottsdale, AZ – Scottsdale based ActiveForever, a highly recommended source and leading distributor of over 10,000 unique home and workplace comfort, ADL, mobility and convenience products, prides itself in researching the quality and functionality of the products they carry. ActiveForever is proud to be the distributor of the Open Up Power Jar Opener for the U.S. This cordless, space saving jar opener’s cone, made of high strength plastic and steel grips, will grip and open anything from a tiny tube of super glue to large soda bottles, gallons of milk, 64 oz jugs of juice and vacuum-sealed jars.

The Open Up Jar Opener is a kitchen aid that automatically opens a wide range of “too tight” tops quickly, easily and safely. It opens both metal and plastic twist-off, screw-off, depress-and-twist tops, as well as jars and medicine bottles. The Open Up Jar Opener’s power twist cone generates seven times the power of average human hands to open the most difficult jars.

This battery operated jar opener has no electrical cords to hide and conveniently stores under a cabinet or shelf, leaving you with more counter space! The Open Up enables one handed jar and bottle opening and the power cord eliminates the need to replace batteries. If you have challenging bottles and jars to open, Open Up is for you!

Please look for the Open Up Jar Opener in the Kitchen Aids department on our ActiveForever website. ActiveForever products can be ordered online at, by print catalog or by phone at 1-800-377-8033.



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