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Oxygen, COPD, Breathing Assist Devices

Oxygen Therapy and Travel Accessories - Spring is here with plenty of fresh air and cool breezes, but if you need assistance getting enough oxygen, you will want to find the right oxygen product for your needs. If your doctor has prescribed a home or portable oxygen concentrator - we carry the most trusted brands. For sleep apnea, consider a CPAP mask. To improve lung strength you may want to try the Acapella Vibratory PEP Therapy System. Use a portable nebulizer to administer soluable medications. And if you need to manage the quality of the air in your home - there is an air purifier machine to fit any size room.  We've thrown in a few of our best-selling travel accessory ideas also - headphones, transport chairs, travel pillows, canes and more. Our portable oxygen concentrators and oxygen therapy devices make traveling easier - call us here at for questions - we're here to help! 1-800-377-8033


Portable Oxygen Concentrator FAQ:


I have recently been diagnosed with pulmonary arterial hypertension, and the doctor suggested taking oxygen at night and on flights.  I would like to get a POC but not sure if insurance will assist in buying/renting.  Does your company work with insurance or just accept credit cards?



Thank you for your e mail. 


We have great line of Personal Oxygen Concentrators that are available to purchase, ActiveForever does offer rentals on some units. How many liters per minute do you require, do you need continuous flow or pulse? This information will help me locate the perfect unit for you.


ActiveForever does not process insurance or medical billing directly; however you can contact your insurance provider to see if they would partially or completely compensate you for the unit if you were to purchase it out of pocket.  This will be dependent on the policy you have. 


We’ve been helping people navigate through this cumbersome path for over 20 years.  We’ve learned to always get you the best pricing possible on the equipment you need, and if you’re covered, great.  If the claim is rejected or only partially covered, you’re well cared for and pleased.

You can call or email me directly any time!

All My Best, Matt

Matt Anderson, CSC, Oxygen Specialist

Direct: (480) 459-3225