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Power Chairs | Electric Powered Wheel Chairs | Powechairs vs Mobility Scooters

Electric Powered Wheelchairs
Electric Powered Wheelchairs
Electric Powered Wheelchairs
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The Gift of Mobility Powerchairs and Mobility Scooters

Power Chairs

Power Chairs help to improve the quality of life for those individuals with severe mobility issues. Power chairs are sometimes called "electric powered wheel chairs" because they closely resemble the traditional push type or self-propelled wheelchair. A Power chair offers greater in home mobility when compared to a mobility scooter.

Power chairs can fit almost anywhere, for this reason powered wheel chairs are primary designed for indoor usage. They perform best on flat or smooth surfaces. The "power chair" usually has six wheels, is very maneuverable and can turn on a dime. The chair is driven and controlled by a joy stick. The joy stick makes driving the powered chair easy and is the perfect mobility aid for individuals with limited upper body strength.

So if you are trying decide which mobility product is better for you and are deciding between a power chair or a mobility scooter. If you have very limited mobility and poor upper body strength an electric powered wheel chair would be the best choice.

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If you have a question about mobility aids please, call us toll-free at 1-800-377-8033 


Power Chair Accessories

Just like with automobiles, there are products that you can purchase to make your ride a more enjoyable experience.

Wheelchair Seat Cushions - When walking is no longer an option and a loved one is confined to a wheelchair outfitting the wheelchair with comfort accessories will help improve their overall quality of life by making them as comfortable as possible.

The Paraplis Umbrella Holder for Wheelchair provides users with the ability to have an umbrella on them at all times, without the hassle of carrying it around. By simply attaching the Paraplis to any wheelchair, rollator, walker or even stroller, users are able to access their umbrella whenever needed.

You can see even more accessories here in our wheel chair accessories section.

The Nova Universal Cup Holder is an easy to use accessory that attaches to virtually any wheelchair or walker. Adjustable to fit different drink widths, this durable cup holder conveniently folds up when not in use without having to be removed. Keep yourself hydrated while using your walker or wheelchair.

Transporting your new electric powered wheel chair

The Harmar AL065 Micro Inside-Out Lift makes transporting your power chair or travel mobility scooter a breeze. Designed to combine quality with budget, this lightweight yet durable hybrid lift offers a solution for virtually any application.

Harmar Power Chair Lift This Mobility Lift features the automatic self-tensioning retractors often utilized with public transportation so there are no cumbersome attachments or extra equipment to store (or deal with). The Power Chair Lift is incredibly easy to use, making it ideal for even users with operational concerns.

The Rage Powersports Aluminum Folding Track Ramps are portable, durable mobility aids that help the loading and unloading of mobility scooters and wheelchairs onto vehicles or moving them over obstacles. The attaching lip steadies the ramp while its grooved surface prevents slippage. Designed for portability, the ramp is made from lightweight aluminum. It neatly folds in half and comes equipped with a convenient carrying handle.