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Improved Shopping Experience for Boomers With's Upgraded Retail Stores and Website

Improved Shopping Experience for Boomers With's Upgraded Retail Stores and Website

Scottsdale, AZ - August 22, 2011 - In a world where many companies don't even have a real person answering the phones, it is nice to experience a company like The company is known for its personal attention, excellent customer service, and truly listening to its customers. A national leader in the medical equipment and supplies industry, has two retail showrooms based in Peoria and Scottsdale, Arizona. Since the company does not engage in any insurance billing, these showrooms have given the healthcare community the opportunity to learn about innovative alternatives to help patient care outcomes, and have offered the company invaluable feedback from the community it serves. ActiveForever recently renovated its retail stores and its eCommerce website,, to offer an even better shopping experience for each and every type of customer - from customers buying innovative gifts for others, to health care providers and families making important medical equipment and supplies choices.

Interestingly, the ActiveForever retail stores were not even in the original business plan. From the very beginning, the online business growth was so explosive that healthcare professionals, allied health university classes, and busloads of senior citizens were showing up at its Scottsdale headquarters to learn and shop. There is even a Japanese tour bus which shows up at its Scottsdale headquarters every year to shop!

ActiveForever now has a newly expanded retail store built into its headquarters, and another built into its national distribution center in Peoria. Even though the stores can only carry a small cross section of what sells online, the increased size and layout allows for a better shopping experience, and wider regional selection of compression garments, mobility scooters, portable oxygen concentrators, electronic low vision aids, hearing amplifiers/devices, physical therapy equipment, lift chairs, pain management devices, bedroom and bathroom safety and hygiene equipment, and even infrared saunas and walk-in bathtubs in the store. ActiveForever's shoppers, primarily well-informed baby boomers, enjoy the unique features and quality of the product selection, notably great pricing, and knowledgeable staff.

Very similar philosophies were applied to the website "face lift". made their entire website more intuitive and engaging for even easier online shopping, all of which was inspired by new and long-time loyal customer feedback. Informative icons at the top of each product page allow people to discover important product features at a glance, including Free Shipping, Made in the USA, FDA Approval, FAA Approval, Prescription Required, and more.

The website even enables its customers to post honest comments regarding products they've purchased. With easy-to-find links, shoppers can effortlessly share the products they like with family and friends on Facebook, Twitter, and more. The ease of shopping, sharing and purchasing are central to the ActiveForever shopping experience; many products are purchased by loved ones' as medical necessities, or life-changing and unique gifts.

Other unique aspects of ActiveForever are reliability, speed of delivery and care. Most of the shoppers need the items they're purchasing "yesterday," so ActiveForever's shipping center is outfitted to receive, process, and ship orders highly accurately and speedily.

As a top-ranked retailer for thousands of innovative health products, medical supplies, and safety equipment, ActiveForever has customers from all walks of life - from baby boomers who are caregivers, to professionals wanting to maintain their own good health and productivity.

"Nothing gets us more excited than hearing the noises and comments people make when they walk into our stores, and then to see them come back with family and friends in awe. Then, to see them leave with their arms full of equipment and supplies they've been looking for and needed, including things they needed and didn't even know existed! It's equally exciting seeing hospital and health care professionals show up because their supervisor asked them to come explore and learn about what's out there to help the outcomes of their patient care. This is all of what motivates our offerings daily. What happens in the stores is just a microcosm of what we suspect is happening online. As long as all of our customers leave with big smiles on their faces, and their cars, workplaces and homes full of everything they need, we're happy," states's CEO, Erika Feinberg.

ABOUT ACTIVEFOREVER: is a top national eRetailer, Retailer, Print Publisher & Warehouse/Distributor of Medical Equipment, Safety & Productivity Supplies, Physical Conditioning, Healing Devices and other Occupational Health Equipment. The company is well known for its ability to invigorate, market and sell innovative product lines, and its ability to keep healthcare providers and consumers abreast of the latest product innovations available to help treatment & conditioning outcomes.