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ActiveForever - LaserTouchOne Cold Laser Therapy FDA Approved

FDA Approved – Cold Laser Micro-Current Combination Therapy

ActiveForever’s LaserTouchOne has been FDA approved for the relief of chronic pain

Scottsdale, AZ – February 25, 2011 - has been named the exclusive online distributor of the groundbreaking LaserTouchOne, which is the only FDA approved pain relief product on the market to combine cold laser therapy with micro-current electrical stimulation.

In an economic recession in which approximately 1 in 5 adults are without health insurance, more and more of the 75 million chronic pain sufferers are searching for pain relief without repeated visits to a doctor's office, prescription medications, and/or surgery. Extensive research has shown the combination of the cold laser and micro-current electrical stimulation from the LaserTouchOne to be 93% effective in decreasing pain in patients.

LaserTouchOne In Use

Unlike pain relief from TENS therapy, micro-current stimulation doesn't require a prescription because the frequency is lower and more closely matches the body's own electrical frequency for optimal healing. Cold laser therapy (or low level laser therapy) has been used for years by everyone from Olympic athletes to specialist pain clinics throughout the U.S. and UK. By combining both therapies LaserTouchOne treats pain at the source (at the cellular level), and provides both chronic and acute pain relief.

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, ActiveForever constantly searches worldwide for credible and safe treatment devices to bring into the U.S. marketplace, but didn't have to search far this time as the LaserTouchOne inventor is also Scottsdale based. The company applies a strict set of criteria to the product lines it chooses to represent in addition to quality guidelines for the associated manufacturers, and the LaserTouchOne fit the bill on both fronts.

"We are honored to be entering into this business partnership because the LaserTouchOne is so innovative, effective, and comes from such a credible company. I've used it personally, as have my family and friends. It's been in the market long enough to have proven itself. We are excited about the responsibility of making LaserTouchOne more accessible to pain sufferers, and also increasing the awareness of it in general", states ActiveForever's CEO, Erika Feinberg.

About ActiveForever is a top national eRetailer, Retailer, Print Publisher & Warehouse/Distributor of Medical Equipment, Safety & Productivity Supplies, Physical Conditioning, Healing Devices and other Occupational Health Equipment. The company is well known for its ability to invigorate, market and sell innovative product lines, and its ability to keep healthcare providers and consumers abreast of the latest product innovations available to help treatment & conditioning outcomes.

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Author: Kate Harvey
Direct: 480.459.3200

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FDA Approved – Cold Laser Micro-Current Combination Therapy

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