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Valentines Day Gifts with Benefits

ActiveForever Offers a List of Useful Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Whether you have a special friend or a significant loved one, you will be sure to please with the unique products found at ActiveForever. Impress your "friends" with the additional medical benefits and make this Valentines the most memorable yet. With just the click of a mouse, you can easily find gifts for everyone this Valentines Day at

DermaNew Microdermabrasion Total Body Experience Kit

Want to pamper a loved one this Valentines Day with the gift that will make them glow inside and out? Then look no further than the DermaNew Microdermabrasion Total Body Experience Kit. Exfoliation, cleansing and rejuvenation with its patented circular vibration, while enjoying a luxurious spa-style microdermabrasion treatment from the comforts of home is the perfect pampering gift. This Total Body Experience Kit will leave your loved one with healthy, refreshed and younger looking skin.

The DermaNew Microdermabrasion Total Body Experience Kit includes a 60-day supply of the microdermabrasion crème as well as the Polishing Body Wash, Total Body Moisture Renewal and Callous Softening Attachment that gives a refining treatment without drying out skin. Give your loved one's skin the cleaning, exfoliating and anti-aging treatment it deserves when you buy the DermaNew Microdermabrasion Total Body Experience Kit from ActiveForever today!

Click here to view the Dermanew Microdermabrasion Total Body Experience Kit web page.

Spend Those Lonely Nights Cuddling with the Boyfriend Arm Pillow

Looking for the perfect Valentines gift for that special friend who is recently single? Look no further than the Boyfriend Pillow! The Boyfriend Arm Pillow is shaped like a man's torso with one sturdy arm and is always in the mood to cuddle. This Boyfriend Arm Pillow has all the positives of sleeping with a boyfriend without all the negatives. You can even give the Boyfriend Arm Pillow to a friend after a difficult breakup. Added bonus - helps to relieve neck pain and reduce blood pressure. Also helps those with Autism due to the comforting form. This unique gift was even featured on the Tyra Banks Show!

Click here to view the Boyfriend Arm Pillow web page.

Bed Buddy Warming Footies and Mittens - Snuggly Warmth For Your Loved One's Toes and Hands

With Valentines Day right around the corner, why not surprise your honey with a unique gift? The bed buddy warming footies and mittens are the perfect snuggly gift for that special significant other. Warm her hands and feet before she touches you. The footies and mittens are designed to keep your feet and hands warm on cold nights. You can even warm these slippers in the microwave. The aromatherapy soothes the senses and can be lightly fragranced with eucalyptus (to revitalize), clove (to comfort), and cinnamon (to calm).

Click here to view the Bed Buddy Warming Footies web page.
Click here to view the Bed Buddy Warming Mittens web page.

Show Your Man That He Lights Up Your Life with the IBEAM Deluxe Magnifying Watch with Flashlight

The IBEAM will make your man's life bigger, brighter, easier and safer. There are thousands of practical uses, and there will be no more fumbling around in the dark. Watch features include, an optically certified magnifying lens, a super light flashlight, sapphire coated scratch resistant lens and an Italian leather strap. Makes a great gift for all occasions. Comes in women's too.

Click here to view the Ibeam Mens Magnifying Watch web page.

The Nukkles Head Massager - Give Your Honey the Gift of Massage This Valentines Day

Imagine 10 long fingernails gently melting stress away. Add batteries, and you have created the most exhilarating, thrilling, intoxicating, electrifying, rejuvenating, unforgettable head massage ever! This handheld treasure gently stimulates millions of nerve endings on the scalp as well as acupressure points that create goose bumps from head to toe. Use without the motor for a more gentle massage. Comes in a great velvet sack, perfect for Valentines Day.

Click here to view the Nukkles Head Massager web page.

Surprise Your Special Friend with the Bongers Massager Tool

This Valentines gift with benefits also has health benefits as an added bonus. Give an invigorating, Shiatsu-like massage to your friend or loved one. Relieves unwanted stress with the flick of a wrist. Helps alleviate carpal tunnel while giving an effortless massage. The flexible shafts do all the work allowing the massager to "bonger" indefinitely without trying.

Click here to view the Bongers Massage Tool web page.

Heat, Power and Vibration - The Infrared Blood Circulation Massager

The Infrared Blood Circulation Massager massages acupuncture points while accelerating blood circulation and unblocking blood vessels. This massager can be used on various parts of the body and helps to promote metabolism while strengthening the immune system. Vibration magnetism and heat infrared treatment combine to sooth and sustain health.

Click here to view the Infrared Blood Circulation Massager web page.

Find Your Girlfriend Hiding Under the Bed with the Bright Feet Lighted Slippers

Find your girlfriend hiding under the bed with nightlights on your feet. Bright Feet Lighted Slippers are slippers with headlights that can help light your way in the dark. Also ideal for nighttime trips to the bathroom or kitchen. Stop 'n' Go sensors on the side of the slippers activate the light. Have more fun in the dark this Valentines Day or any day of the week.