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Based in the “Valley of the Sun”’s employees know the value of great sunscreen, hand lotions and hand soap. We have recently discovered wonderful new products by R & R Lotion, Inc.

Sunscreen is now recommended as an everyday appliance that should be worn by everyone on the planet. The United States has the highest rate of skin cancer on Earth. R & R has realized this scary statistic and developed a wonderful zinc based sunscreen to help protect you from the Sun’s deadly rays. The best part of this sunscreen, other than its lifesaving potential, is that it rubs on clear unlike other zinc based blocks that leave the end user white.

NSF Certified Hand Lotion was created with two options to choose from. One is both fragrance and dye free and the other is lightly scented with herbal tea, lemon and grapefruit and contains a blue hue. Neither one of them contain Sillicones, Lanolins, mineral oils, or glycerins and both will leave your hands feeling great! The also created an all-natural, alcohol free, and antibacterial hand lotion  which will relieve chapping, blisters, redness, dermatitis, urticaria, and hypersensitivity caused by nitrile and latex gloves.

The R & R Antibacterial Hand Soap can be used in any setting but was especially designed to be used where contamination is not an option such as clean rooms, food processing facilities and pharmaceutical production centers. Not only does it remove unseen dirt and germs it is powerful enough to remove grease, oil and caked on dirt but it also relieves dry, cracked and irritated hands.