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Resolution Yoga Special

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Resolution Yoga

I can offer a $50 Onsite Breath Analysis Clinic for any business group, which includes the basic anatomy of breath, instruction on evaluating the efficiency of each person's breathing, as well as basic tools and instruction for increasing breathing awareness and capacity (One hour session, $125 value).

According to integrative medicine pioneer, Dr. Andrew Weil, MD, the breath is our single most accessible, least expensive, and most effective tool for improving overall health and well being. From a therapeutic yoga perspective, improved breathing function can lower stress levels, regulate blood pressure, and improve mental focus, leading to enhanced performance in all areas of life. It is also the key ingredient in any form of healing. Learn how to enhance your breath to enhance your life!

$50 Breath Analysis ($125 Value) - CALL FOR MORE INFORMATION

Laurene Hayden
Resolution Yoga