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CPAP Mask - Respironics CPAP Mask - Respironics CPAP Mask Fitting Instructions

Respironics Comfort Classic CPAP Mask with Headgear

Fitting Instructions

Proper mask fit is critical to ensuring that the ComfortClassic will meet the patient's needs. Below are some guidelines to follow when fitting a patient with a Respironics Comfort Classic CPAP mask.


  • a.) Sides of nostrils
  • b.) Bridge of nose
  • c.) Below the nose tip, above the upper lip

Begin with the integrated sizing gauge on the package:

  • 1. Check landmarks
  • 2. Choose the smallest mask that fits without pinching or obstructing the nostrils
  • 3. Tighten top straps of headgear, then bottom. DO NOT over tighten straps. Headgear should be secure but not too tight
  • 4. Try the mask on with the unit at the prescribed pressure to ensure proper fit
Respironics Comfort Classic CPAP Mask with Headgear

Respironics Comfort Classic CPAP Mask Comfort and Usage Tips:

  • Final adjustment should be done while lying down with the air blowing at the prescribed pressure through the tubing and mask
  • Cushion should not be crushed against the face
  • If mask is too tight and causes skin irritation loosen headgear, determine whether mask is stiff from age (if so, replace) or try another size or model
  • If leaks are present try loosening the mask or adjusting the forehead spacer, support arm or headgear straps
  • DO NOT BLOCK the exhalation port. It is necessary to clear carbon dioxide
  • Does not require the use of a separate exhalation device
  • Mark the headgear straps with permanent marker to remember where they should be fastened
  • Loop the tubing over the headboard to reduce pull on mask
  • Remove the mask by pulling over head or use the quick release clip
  • To warm the air, place the tubing under a blanket