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It's the Responsibility of Those Who can Give to Help Save Non-Profit Organizations

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The $22,500 Bagel: It's the Responsibility of Those Who can Give to Help Save Non-Profit Organizations

Authored By: Erika L. Feinberg, CEO and Chief Happiness Officer of

My banker keeps telling me that in this bad economy, our company should focus on socking away as much money in the bank as we can, while all the non-profit fund raisers I attend keep tugging at my heart. What do I do? Who do I listen to?

While attending a fundraising breakfast for St. Vincent de Paul, I learned that they recently had to let staff go, and they're on the verge of shutting down programs. Can you imagine life without St. Vincent de Paul? What struck me the most during this fundraising breakfast was unlike previous years, they showcased the homeless and needy as skilled individuals who looked a lot like you and I. This caused some mixed emotions I've never experienced before. I normally would give without second thoughts. I found myself toiling between the amounts I should donate; if I give too much, I could end up like them. If I give too little, God and St. Vincent wouldn't be happy with me at all. Then I started thinking about how lucky I am, how great things have always been, and how incredibly important it is for me to take that risk now so we don't see programs of this nature disappear. Then I smiled and thought, if I end up on the street because I donate too much to St. Vincent de Paul, at least I know they'd take good care of me!

So, since ActiveForever has experienced great success, you'd think we would give it up to the needy without hesitation. This is just a very strange climate to experience; one of such uncertainty and such surprises. By the time I got to the end of that fundraising bagel, it all became crispy clear. Those of us who can, should give. It's our responsibility to help support these non-profits with such legitimate missions. They need us more than ever. We should give what we have in cash, and what we have in business acumen. Non-profits, need our financial support, and need to implement innovative programs that enable them all to become more self sustaining. We can all leverage one another and pull through in a way that makes our banker happy, and that makes a deposit in God's good fortune bank account as well.

ActiveForever is a socially responsible for-profit organization, very proudly supporting the non-profits whose missions align best with our own. We have launched to encourage our customers to engage in cause-related shopping for the holidays. ActiveForever will also be furnishing free wrapping supplies for our local customers in each of our interactive retail stores for the holidays.

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