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Invisia Collection - Bath Safety Meets Style - Serena Seat

Invisia Collection by HealthCraft Combines Bath Safety with Style

The Invisia Collection by Healthcraft incorporates functionality with aesthetic design. The collection features bathroom safety equipment that will please most user needs and wants. Combining practicality with functionality, the Invisia Collection beautifies bathroom safety equipment for the objective of being more visually appealing. The Invisia Collection features grab bars that double as a soap dish, corner shelf, towel rack, and a toilet paper holder as well as a beautiful hinged shower seat.

The Invisia Collection Serena Seat is a beautiful fold down shower chair made out of Brazilian Walnut. Brazilian Walnut is three times stronger than teak and resistant to mildew, moisture, and decay. The frame is made out of aluminum so it will not rust in the shower. The Serena Seat's slim profile is designed to be stylish and space-saving. Though slim, the Invisia Collection Serena Seat is constructed to sustain 450 pounds making it more durable than most freestanding shower chairs. Its mounting system disperses weight so that the shower chair feels solid when sitting. A specially designed tension hinge makes an easier time for folding the Serena Seat down and up out of the way, but also prevents the seat from inadvertently falling down.

Invisia Collection Invisia Collection Invisia Collection

Grab bars are one of the most commonly installed in bathrooms for safety purposes. The traditional grab bar is a straight metal bar that screw in to a surface in two different places and protrudes about three inches away from the wall. The diameter of a grab bar is about and inch and a half. They may be positioned horizontally, vertically, and diagonally depending on user needs and wall stud location. Grab bars are used for stability, balance, and leverage.

The Invisia Collection takes ordinary bathroom appliances and integrates it with grab bar design. The collection redefines the appearance of the traditional grab bar. The grab bars are constructed and designed to have a 350 lb. weight capacity. The wall mountings are discrete and concealed in multiple points of contact. The soap dish, corner shelf and toilet roll holder all have a DuPont Corian surface which is shatter proof and also resist mold and bacteria growth.

The Invisia Collection Soap Dish with Integrated Support Rail is designed many attractive features. The support rail is shaped as a ring and can be used as a support rail for getting in and out of the bath tub or shower. It discretely conceals 4 point contacts making it a stylish piece with maximum support. Its Corian surface make it shatter proof and resistant to mold and bacteria. The technical specifications are ADA compliant. It is offered in either chrome or white and includes hardware.

Invisia Collection Invisia Collection Invisia Collection

The Invisia Collection Accent Ring Support Rail is another accented support rail. This particular support rail is c-shaped and can be used as an accent piece in the shower. The user can get maximum support while accessing the water controls. It can also be used by the toilet and/or wherever a grab bar is needed and is available in white or chrome. The Invisia Collection Corner Shelf with Support Rail is used to store shower product and also intended for support while taking a shower. The piece is 9" wide, 9" long, and 3" deep. The actual shelf is about 6" and has a Corian surface which can be easily removed for cleaning. The Invisia Collection Toilet Paper Dispenser with Integrated Support Rail is installed by the toilet and used for leverage and support while getting on and off the toilet. Conveniently, the piece also stores rolls of toilet paper. The piece is 21.75" long, 7.25" wide, and 3" high. It is available in either polished chrome or powder coat white.

The Invisia Collection towel bars are available in either 16" or 24" long. This piece can be used for support while getting out of the shower and drying off. Ideally this piece is installed in near proximity of the shower in order to prevent water from getting on the floor. The convenience of it being a towel bar as well lowers the risk of user injury while getting out of the shower, reaching for a towel, and drying off.

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