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Mammogram Comfort Improved at Scottsdale Healthcare

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (Oct. 8, 2008) – Cold, hard uncomfortable surfaces on x-ray equipment are cited as the top reason women avoid mammograms. A soft cushion now used on the digital mammography equipment at Scottsdale Healthcare increases patient comfort during this potentially life-saving procedure.

Resembling an oversize mouse pad, the MammoPad is designed to provide a warm, soft surface for the breast that helps relax the patient, leading to an improved image for the radiologist to read.

The FDA-approved recyclable breast cushion is “invisible” to X-rays and dramatically eases the discomfort many women feel when they get a mammogram, says Pati Snow, supervisor at Scottsdale Healthcare BreastHealth.

"Because women are more relaxed during the exam, it makes it even easier for our mammography technologists to get the best possible image," explains Snow.

Nearly 40 percent of American women age 40+ don't get regular mammograms, and studies show pain is a major reason some women do not return for annual screening.

“The discomfort many women feel during mammography compression is widely known to be a reason that some don't get regular screenings,” said Snow.

Clinical studies showed approximately 70 percent of women experienced a significant reduction in pain when the cushion was used during a mammogram, she added.

The American Cancer Society reports women can greatly reduce their risk of death from breast cancer if they receive regular mammograms. ACS and the American College of Radiology recommend that women 40 and older receive mammograms yearly.

Scottsdale Healthcare is a certified Softer Mammogram Provider. To schedule an appointment for a mammogram at Scottsdale Healthcare, call 480-882-4703.

Established in 1962 and governed by a local volunteer board of directors, Scottsdale Healthcare is the not-for-profit parent organization of the Scottsdale Healthcare Shea, Scottsdale Healthcare Osborn and Scottsdale Healthcare Thompson Peak hospitals, the Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center, Scottsdale Healthcare Clinical Research Institute, Scottsdale Healthcare Home Health Services and Scottsdale Healthcare Community Health Services.