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SIGVARIS Leg Health Days - May 9th & 10th

The Compression Evolution

For many decades, compression garments have been a well-kept medical secret.  They’ve been integrated into the medical care process, and primarily used by medical specialists such as vascular and orthopedic surgeons to help avoid blood clots post-surgery.  

Historically, and even now, compression garments are worked into the patient care process and billed to the patient; often being covered by insurance.  The level of compression used during this critical time in the care cycle, is normally very high.  In other words, while an average healthy person may only benefit from, and need, 15mmHg of compression, a compression garment used immediately post-surgery is normally upward toward 60 mmHg of compression. 

This is where it gets interesting, and a little controversial.  Since insurance reimbursement has been involved for many years, very often, charges for these compression garments are significantly inflated to cover all of the associated administration expenses. Compression technology has been medically proven as necessary to certain medical procedures, to significantly reduce pain and the risk of death. 

Over the years, patients noticed that compression garments helped relieve chronic pain, and they also were encouraged to buy compression socks for varicose veins, or to avoid Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT); especially those traveling on airplanes, or engaged in long haul truck or car rides.  Great momentum has built on the consumer front, and many compression manufacturers have worked very hard to make these garments more affordable, comfortable and attractive.

Now, compression garments of all types are available and used by many people as a part of everyday life; to reduce pain, reduce health risks, and to improve athletic performance and recovery.  A person can find compression dress socks, compression athletic recovery socks, full arm sleeves for athletes or lymphedema or for recovery from elective aesthetic surgery, compression gauntlets for hand pain, yet with open fingers to enable hand productivity, athletic performance, as well as fashionable compression full panty hose!

Since ActiveForever does not engage in insurance billing whatsoever, the company has searched high and low for the best choices of compression socks and stockings on the market, and has also brought them to market at the best price points found in the country.  Now, the company has the largest, highest quality, and most attractive selection of compression socks, stockings and garments in the country.  It’s counselors offer training to healthcare professionals so they are measuring and prescribing the right size and compression for their patients.  ActiveForever counselors also guide the customer to the size and style that suits their needs best.  Due to the profound health benefits of compression socks for anyone in pain, anyone who stands for long period of times, on their feet in a strenuous fashion, suffering from heart disease or circulation issues, traveling in airplanes, traveling as a long haul trucker, taxi driver, or just long car rides, involved in competitive athletics or suffering from vein issues or DVT, it is extremely important the correct buying decisions are made. Using compression socks is now a normal part of everyday life for many people, and thanks to ActiveForever. Compression socks are now affordable, easy to put on, easy to take off, great for optimum performance, and they’re attractive!

Sigvaris is an ActiveForever favorite.  Sigvaris offers the widest selection of extremely high quality, extremely well priced and extremely attractive compression garment for arms, legs, hands and feet; for every type of lifestyle, fashion preferences and age. is currently featuring an aggressive special of up to 20% off it’s already lowest pricing in the country.  The promotion is to incentivize people of all shapes, conditions and lifestyles to try compression for the first time, and experience what a difference it makes to their lives.  It’s also designed to encourage compression users to try a new and better brand than what they’re accustomed to.

About ActiveForever:

ActiveForever is a fully integrated sales, marketing, warehousing and fulfillment services agency. It is a multi-channel merchant with print product catalogs for staff and patient education, retail showrooms with education centers, a warehouse/distribution services center and one of the nation’s top ranked eCommerce websites.

ActiveForever offers the best choices in medical products, e-low vision devices/assistive technology, athletic performance and rehabilitation/healing devices, home-care equipment, productivity and safety products for the home, travel and workplace.

Print Healthcare Innovations catalogs are free for care providers to share with their patients, therapists, athletes, employees, residents and caregivers anywhere in the country. is available for quick, interactive product solution guidance.

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