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Sno Wovel A Snow Shovel with Wheels

The Wovel ®Goes Global As “The World’s Safest Snow Shovel”

The Wovel® wheeled snow shovel is defining the new physics of snow removal by introducing an extraordinary degree of safety combined with performance. Now, the University of Massachusetts, one of the top U.S. ergonomic research centers has released the results of an independent study which confirms the overwhelming safety advantage of the Wovel versus conventional snow removal tools. “The biomechanical model shows a huge reduction, by approximately 85%, of risk to injury of lower back with the Wovel, in the test subjects reporting” says Bryan Buchholz, PhD, Professor and Director, Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology, at the University of Massachusetts.

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I just used my Wovel for the first time, I am amazed, you have reinvented the wheel, my heart rate hardly increased at all, I estimate it is ten times easer than a regular snow shovel, I can not believe it was not 'discovered' fifty years ago. (BUY THE SNO WOVEL HERE)

Dr. Rich Lechner Happy customer
Snow Wolf Wovel Features:
  • Newly-redesigned folding frame for easy storage, adjustment, and portability
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • 45% lighter frame than previous models
  • Durable, maintenance-free design will last many winters
  • Popular with property management and maintenance workers
  • Powerful lever action allows you to move more snow with less effort
  • Clears snow 3X faster than a standard snow shovel
  • Height adjustable for various users
  • Outperforms snowblowers, with no gas required
  • Greatly reduces the risk of back and heart-related injuries due to snow shoveling!