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Songbird Hearing Aid Flexfit Disposable Press Release

Songbird Hearing Aid: Digital, Disposable Hearing Aids are Now a Reality

ActiveForever Adds Songbird Flexfit Hearing Aid to its Hearing Devices Department

The world's first disposable digital hearing aid, the Songbird Hearing Aid, combines quality and affordability for those with mild to moderate hearing loss. Millions of Americans who currently experience some degree of hearing loss do not seek help due to inconvenience, affordability and commitment. Many traditional hearing aids cost thousands of dollars, and entail professional fittings and maintenance. Uniquely, the Songbird Flexfit Hearing Aid is a maintenance free hearing aid that can be easily adjusted to fit almost anyone, at a fraction of the price.

Ready to use right out of the box, the discreet and flexible hearing aid fits securely behind the ear and delivers crystal-clear digital sound quality. It's the only behind-the-ear product that's adjustable for optimal fit and contains a volume control switch. The built in battery provides 400 hours of active use with no need for replacement. Research shows that people will use the Songbird hearing aid for situational use, such as watching television, at family gatherings, and during business meetings. When used this way, the aid will last anywhere between two to six months. They can easily be disposed of and replaced with a brand new unit. Designed in the same research lab as HDTV and Digital Satellite TV, the Songbird hearing aids innovative technology has skyrocketed hearing aids into a whole new caliber.

Songbird Flexfit Hearing Aid

Songbird Hearing Aid is barely noticeable when worn

CEO of ActiveForever, Erika Feinberg explains, "It's very rare a manufacturer and product line fulfills every speck of criteria we require for the product lines we choose to represent. This manufacturer has impressed us due to its longevity and credibility, and for its passion for quality of design and innovation. We so often hear consumers tell us that hearing aids don't work for them. We were determined to find something that qualifies as a hearing aid and that does work, and we are thrilled to have the honor of representing Songbird in the marketplace". The FCC has strict guidelines in regard to what products can be labeled a "hearing aid". The Songbird hearing aid not only meets the FCC requirements, but has broken through the traditional barriers to revolutionary advancement. If you've been curious as to whether a hearing aid could work for you or a loved one, consumers now have a low risk and low cost choice. ActiveForever Therapy Equipment, Medical Equipment, Supplies and Healthcare Innovations, sell it for only $79.90 and a 30 day risk-free trial period.

Unlike with traditional hearing aids, family members and caregivers have the opportunity to play a vital role in improving their loved ones hearing. Because the Songbird hearing aid doesn't require fittings, maintenance, or a prescription, they can be purchased by anyone for people with low to moderate hearing loss. The combination of quality, convenience, and affordability makes this product a wonderful present to give to loved ones in light of the holiday season.

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