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Local Physical Therapist Becomes Resource For The American Cancer Society

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Local Physical Therapist Becomes Resource For The American Cancer Society

9.4.08 Scottsdale, AZ – While treatments for breast cancer are saving more and more lives, many of them including surgery, radiation and chemotherapy can result in life-changing side effects. Cancer Rehabilitation Specialists like Renata Beaman, PT, MS, MA are available to address these debilitating issues that can affect one’s quality of life. A physical therapist at Spooner Physical Therapy in Ahwatukee, Renata uses skilled manual techniques such as myofascial release and lymphedema treatment to address issues such as radiation fibrosis and scar adhesions. After correcting dysfunctional posture and improving range of motion, she provides patients with personalized exercise programs to help them further achieve their functional goals and maximize their quality of life. The American Cancer Society has recognized Renata as a skilled provider of physical therapy for patients with cancer.

“No one really wants to tell you about the crippling effects that cancer and its treatment will have on you, or how you will continue to encounter them in the years to come. I felt like I had to just accept it and endure the symptoms alone. After my initial evaluation with Renata Beaman, I was amazed and encouraged with what the myofascial technique accomplished in a 1/2 hour session with her. My increased mobility, the renewed color in skin tissue, constant sensation of new feeling coming back and lessened pain in my extended reach. I feel compelled to educate all pre-surgical and post- surgical patients with this astounding discovery.” - JC, Breast Cancer Patient, 2008

Current research supports the use of physical therapy with breast cancer patients to help:

  • Decrease scar adhesions and stiff tissue from radiation fibrosis and other causes
  • Improve posture
  • Treat lymphedema
  • Restore strength and aerobic capacity
  • Decrease pain and cancer-related fatigue
  • Improve patients’ self-efficacy and self-worth

About Renata Beaman, PT, MS, MA
Renata Beaman began working with Spooner in 2005. She has prior experience in acute care, rehabilitation, and orthopedics at a Level I Trauma Facility with a focus on cancer and ICU therapies. She has also coached high school athletes to multiple state championships. Renata enjoys treating and working with patients with a wide variety of injuries. With special training in Oncology, she has expanded her client base to include cancer patients with pain or discomfort resulting from cancer treatments such as surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Renata is able to provide treatment and exercises that help manage swelling or lymphedema, rebuild muscle, and improve strength and flexibility.

About Spooner Physical Therapy
Spooner Physical Therapy is a private outpatient rehabilitation practice dedicated to helping individuals of all ages and abilities achieve their maximum physical potential. Founded in 1990 by Timothy A. Spooner, PT, Spooner has grown from a single clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona, to now seven clinics across the Phoenix metroplex. Spooner clinics offer a broad range of rehabilitation services and programs to help individuals with a variety of health and wellness concerns.

Spooner Physical Therapy
9097 E Desert Cove Ave. # 110
Scottsdale, AZ 85260