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Spooner Physical Therapy Joins National Network of Providers of the ASTYM System.

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Spooner Physical Therapy Joins National Network of Providers of the ASTYMâ„¢ System.

Spooner Estrella Physical Therapy held ASTYM courses this year in April, June and July taught by instructors from Performance Dynamics. Clinicians underwent a rigorous, three-day training regimen to become certified in the ASTYM system. These clinicians are now able to effectively treat tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome and other common conditions, including many ailments resulting from scar tissue. The ASTYM system often provides relief when other treatments have failed, and allows patients to continue their normal activity level throughout treatment. The results are rapid, predictable, and unparalleled.

The ASTYM treatment:


  • Rapidly decreases pain and increases functional ability
  • Delivers long-term results…typically with just 4-5 weeks of rehab!

  • Allows patients to continue normal daily and work activities throughout therapy
  • Improves patient satisfaction, maximizing positive word-of-mouth
  • Decreases surgeon frustration – there is a solution!


Currently Spooner has approximately 16 ASTYM certified clinicians. For more information about Spooner Physical Therapy services, please visit the website at

Performance Dynamics is the healthcare company that researched and developed the innovative therapy known as ASTYM treatment. Performance Dynamics certifies clinicians nationwide in the ASTYM system, and provides ongoing support and services to the Network of certified ASTYM providers.

Spooner Physical Therapy is a premier provider of outpatient rehabilitation and wellness services. Spooner was founded in 1990 by Timothy A. Spooner, PT in Scottsdale, Arizona. Today, with 7 clinics across the Phoenix metroplex, Spooner offers a broad range of rehabilitation services and programs to help individuals with a variety of health and wellness concerns.