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Stroke Recovery Products - Part 3

Safety and Independent Living in the Kitchen

Dealing with the physical limitations caused by Stroke can be challenging for stroke survivors who wish to lead independent lifestyles. In the first two segments we covered products that allow them to bathe, use the restroom, get in and out of bed, and get dressed without the need for assistance.

However, the hardest challenge a stroke survivor faces is often taking care of one's self in the kitchen. Opening jars, preparing food, and even washing dishes are common activities that people tend to take for granted until faced with the task of doing them with limited strength and dexterity. With the right gadgets around the kitchen, however, stroke survivors can continue to prepare their own meals and keep their kitchen spotless.

Food Preparation - Opening, Chopping, and Cooking

Nobody wants their loved ones to come over and cook their meals for them - especially if the person in question does not really know how to cook! If the stroke survivor is fond of cooking, being able to retain that ability will mean a lot to them.

The Swedish Cutting Board makes slicing meat and vegetables far less dangerous by allowing one-handed use. Designed with rubber suction feet to adhere it to counters and tables, the Swedish Cutting Board features stainless steel spikes to hold food in place for slicing which can be reversed for a smooth surface. The integrated vise grip allows the cutting board to hold larger food items such as bread loaves, and can also be used to hold graters or mixing bowls in place during preparation.

Eating - Utensils and Dishes to Help Prevent a Mess

Handling standard utensils is difficult with limited dexterity, so OXO Good Grips Utensils can be used in place of your existing utensils. The dishwasher safe Good Grips Utensils feature large, soft-cushion grips that keep the utensil in the hand even when wet. They are available in standard or weighted and the tops can be bent to customized angles to make eating easier.

A Rocking T Knife is ideal for cutting everything from meat to fruits and vegetables with a simple, one-handed rocking motion. Available with a wood or plastic handle and shaped to fit the average hand, the Rocking T Knife is dishwasher safe and has an optional carrying case for eating out.

Everyone's Favorite Chore - Cleaning Up the Kitchen!

If you have limited dexterity and hand strength, chances are you are probably not comfortable with standing for long periods of time. The Drive Adjustable Arms All Purpose Stool is great for use as a kitchen stool whether you are at the sink, the stove, or a counter. The slightly-angled, padded seat gives you a comfortable place to sit while the armrests and adjustable height making getting out of the seat easier. The vinyl seat of this perching stool wipes clean so you do not have to worry about stains, and at just under 13 pounds, it is easy to move around.

Safety and Independent Living in the Kitchen

Pedal Works Hands-Free Faucet Controllers are great additions to almost any kitchen, and are ideal for instances where turning the knobs at the sink is difficult. If you only have use of one hand, and that hand is dirty or has something in it, the Pedal Works Faucet Controllers are a great way to turn water on without dirtying your sink or having to set the item down. You also prevent water waste by not having to leave it running while washing food or dishes.

A Long Handled Dust Pan and Broom is a great substitution for traditional dust pans, brushes, and brooms. Lightweight and equipped with thick, ergonomic handles, the Long Handled Dust Pan and Broom is great for getting dirt out of hard to reach places in your kitchen. A special step down feature helps to hold the dustpan in place and the set is easily unsnapped for storage.

Safety and Independent Living in the Kitchen

Strokes Can Be Life Altering, But Do Not Have to Be Life Changing

It's a common misconception for stroke survivors and their loved ones to think that the survivor cannot lead an independent life afterwards. While there are certain limitations, and some adjustments to their previous lifestyle may need to be made, stroke survivors can still go about their daily lives with the right independent living products.

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Author: Richard Chandler
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