Ten Best Aquatic Therapy Aquatic Exercise

The Ten Best Products for Aquatic Exercise and Aquatic Therapy

With summer fast approaching and the weather beginning to warm up, more and more people are turning to the pool as the ideal location for their fitness and physical therapy routine. Whether you are getting in shape, maintaining a toned body, or doing physical therapy exercises to recover from an injury, the pool can be the source of all of your exercise needs when you have the right aquatic therapy and aquatic exercise equipment.

As someone who has been a competitive swimmer and played water polo for years, I am completely familiar with the numerous benefits of aquatic exercise and aquatic physical therapy. Arthritis sufferers and those recovering from injuries will find that the pool serves as an ideal location for low impact exercise with just the right amount of resistance. Swimming is also an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise that not only gives you a full body workout, but also improves your posture by stretching your back. A variety of products are available that allow virtually anyone to not enjoy the pool, but to take advantage of the benefits of aquatic exercise and aquatic therapy.

1. Uniband Exercise Bands

They are resistant to pool chemicals and are the only exercise bands on the market which can be safely used in pools which makes them wonderful for use in aquafit and water aerobics classes. Uniband provides universal resistance training and rehabilitation products for use in Physiotherapy, Fitness and Strength Training. They are manufactured from a 100% latex-free elastomeric compound. Uniband bands and Tubes exhibit the dynamic stretch properties of traditional latex based products with none of the disadvantages. Enjoy your workout and buy the Uniband latex free exercise band today from ActiveForever!

2. SwiMP3 Waterproof MP3 Player

For many, swimming a lot of laps in a pool can be boring and monotonous. With the SwiMP3 Waterproof MP3 Player, you can enjoy all of your favorite music underwater while you get a great workout. Unlike other waterproof MP3 players that use ear plugs which can distort your music, the SwiMP3 uses bone conduction technology which transmits the sound waves through your jawbone, giving you crystal clear sound quality. Now you can get more from your swimming workout by setting the pace of your swim to the rhythm of your music. The SwiMP3 works with both Macs and PCs and easily attaches to your goggle strap.

3. INCLINE Aquatic Underwater Treadmill by Aquabilt

Every time you take a step on land, you put three to seven times the weight of your body on your joints. For those who suffer from arthritis, have had a recent knee or hip replacement, or are recovering from an injury, that added weight and pressure can be unbearable. The INCLINE Aquatic Underwater Treadmill allows you to do a treadmill walking workout underwater, letting the water's natural buoyancy lift the weight off your joints. The double sided treadmill requires no outside power source and features two levels of resistance. The speed of the underwater treadmill is decided by the user. Athletes looking for a low impact workout and physical therapists seeking an alternative method for treating their patients will enjoy the INCLINE Aquatic Underwater Treadmill.

4. AQx Aquatic Training Shoes

The AQx Aquatic Training Shoes are designed for walking and running underwater. Designed with a series of hydrodynamic fins to increase resistance, the Aqx sports water shoes protect your feet from the bottom of the pool while improving traction. They feature a cushioned insole for improved arch support, comfort, and stability. Aqx Aquatic Training Shoes are ideal for those looking for an alternative to walking in the hot sun or a cost effective form of effective low impact exercise.

5. AquaJogger Active Water Exercise Belt

Because of the low impact characteristics of aquatic exercise and aquatic therapy, working out in the water seems ideal for those with lower back problems. The AquaJogger provides the crucial lower back support you need in the water while suspending the body at an ideal depth for aquatic exercise. It demands use of your core muscles to allow you to maintain a vertical position, strengthening and conditioning them as you tone your legs with a variety of exercises. The AquaJogger's resilient closed-cell foam will not absorb water while the easy to use buckle insures a secure fit.

6. AquaFins Aquatic Exercise Kit

The AquaFins Aquatic Exercise Kit allows you to get the most out of an underwater workout. The four predator fins are comfortably attached to your wrists or ankles and feature a unique hydrofoil design that provides lift and stability for optimal performance. The exercises featured in the AquaFins guide were designed by physical therapists and are ideal for those recovering from hip replacements and most orthopedic injuries. Each set includes a mesh carrying case for added convenience.

7. SpaBells Aquatic Dumbells

Aquatic exercise is a great way to burn calories, increase strength, and improve flexibility without unnecessary strain on your joints. The SpaBells Aquatic Dumbbells are an innovative design combining resistance, buoyancy, and free-weights that are not only perfect for beginner to competitive athletes, they’re also safe to use for injury rehabilitation. These versatile aquatic dumbbells move smoothly through water and gain different levels of resistance by simply pushing them forwards, backwards, or sideways. SpaBells are great for toning up and muscle building without the concern of injuries often associated with free weights. Whether you’re an athlete or therapist, the SpaBells are an ideal partner for your water workouts.

8. AquaTrek Wheelchair

More and more physical therapists are exploring the use of aquatic therapy with their patients, but what happens when the patient is confined to a wheelchair? Since therapists' pools are typically designed with ramps, the obvious solution is the AquaTrek Wheelchair. Uniquely designed to be completely submerged underwater, the AquaTrek Wheelchair features a furniture-grade PVC frame with stainless steel fasteners and a stainless steel axle. Unlike most wheelchairs for designed for aquatic therapy, this one does not completely fill with water when submerged.

9. PAL 1000 Portable Aquatic Pool Lift

So what happens you do not have a ramp going into your pool? Virtually maintenance free and designed corrosion proof materials, the PAL 1000 Portable Aquatic Pool Lift offers a safe and easy for therapists to get their patients in and out of the pool. It requires no permanent installation so it can be set up anywhere along the pool deck and the stored when not in use thanks to the locking wheels. The waterproof hand control allows the PAL 1000 Pool Lift to be operated by the user or an attendant. The pool lift is powered by a rechargeable battery and a mechanical actuator that can lift patients up to 300 pounds. An optional stability vest, spine board attachment, and armrests are also available.

10. Spa-N-A-Box Portable Spa

When someone has sore muscles or joints, they often think of how nice it would be to have a spa, and in many cases regret not putting one in alongside their pool. With the Spa-N-A-Box Portable Spa, you can enjoy relaxing water jets on your pool deck, under an awning, or even indoors. It takes very little time to set up and requires no tools, plumbing, or wiring. The portable spa includes a thermal insulated cover, its own filtration system, and attractive rigid sidewalls that make a great addition to any home. At just over six feet in diameter, the Spa in a Box Portable Spa can be placed virtually anywhere.

Regardless of your level of fitness or the type of physical limitations you have to deal with, aquatic exercise and aquatic therapy can provide an assortment of health benefits, including relief from arthritis pain, rehabilitation from injuries, and low impact exercise. With summer just around the corner, it's time to take advantage of the warm weather and enjoy exercising in the water.

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