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Underwater Treadmill - Aquatic Workouts with the Incline Underwater Treadmill

Getting fit isn't easy, it can be hard to find and keep the motivation to work out, especially when it gets warm in the summer. Going for your daily run only becomes more daunting as the summer months roll in. Gym memberships are expensive, and at-home treadmills are bulky, take up a lot of space, and they weigh a ton. Wouldn't it be nice if you could get a great muscle toning, low-impact workout with even better results while cooling off in your pool? Now you can with the Incline Aquatic Underwater Treadmill from Aquabilt!

Incline Aquatic Underwater Treadmill

This Aquatic Treadmill operates like any other traditional treadmill but underwater, and it fits in almost any pool! This allows you to get fit while cooling off in the pool at the same time. That's not to say that you won't get a great workout, being in the water offers extra resistance and as such greatly increases the amount of calories burned per minute. The pressure from the water decreases the amount of lactic acid buildup in your muscle which means you won't feel as sore after your workout is finished. Your natural buoyancy also works in your favor here by lightening the impact of each step, reducing the strain on your joints. The low-impact nature of Underwater Treadmills allow for longer and more frequent workouts which is great for people who have physically limiting conditions such as arthritis. Many rehab facilities already use water exercise routines for patients with limited mobility.

How does the underwater treadmill work?

The Incline Aquatic Underwater Treadmill works just like any other standard non-motorized self-powered treadmill. The walking platform is dual sided and can easily be flipped over while submersed. All Incline Aquatic Underwater Treadmills have a double-sided platform, one side is a flat surface, and the other is an inclined surface. This allows the user to choose whether they would like to walk on a flat surface or at an incline during their workout for added resistance. There is an upgraded version of this treadmill with a Rotor Resistance component for advanced users to get an even more intense workout. The additional Rotor Resistance component helps keep the treadmill moving under your own power and prevents sudden stops. This upgrade is best suited for professional use or at rehabilitation facilities but can be used at home as well.

Will I be able to get the underwater treadmill into the pool by myself?

One of the best parts about this product is that it is fairly lightweight. The basic model only weighs 72 lbs. and the advanced model with the Rotor Resistance component weighs only 75 lbs. This makes it easy to switch between the inclined and flat surfaces while also reducing the hassle of storage. Alternatively, the Incline Aquatic Underwater Treadmill can be left in the pool; the bright sporty color scheme is designed to alert others about its location in the pool. The treadmill also has rubber feet to protect the bottom of your pool from being scratched up from daily use. The handrail can easily be detached with a few turns of a knob, and the entire platform is only 38"L x 26" W, big enough to walk on without being cumbersome.

Warranty Coverage and Reliability

The Incline Aquatic Underwater Treadmill has a limited 1 year warranty for any parts and labor. One great thing about this treadmill is that it is "Component Based" meaning that if at any time a part breaks or becomes unusable, that part itself can be replaced without having to send the entire treadmill in for repairs. Even after the 1 year limited warranty, it will still be quick and cheap to fix anything that might go wrong.