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Viviscal Vitamins For Hair Loss

Struggling with Hair Loss? 

Let's face it, losing your hair is unwelcomed proposition. Your hair is one of your more distinguishing physical features. You can tell a lot from the way a person styles and cares for their hair.

Whether it is long or short, conservative or extraordinary in style, bright pink or salt and pepper gray our hair defines us, man or woman. Losing one's hair is like losing one's identity and the emotional turmoil certainly takes a toll on a person's psyche. That's why millions of people struggle with the thought of losing their hair.

If you are serious about controlling your thinning hair or regrowing hair in problem areas without surgery we suggest products made by Viviscal. They are 100% drug free and have shown proven results for both men and women during independent studies.

Hair Loss Definition and Symptoms

Hair loss can occur as thinning hair or total baldness. The hair loss may be on the head or any other part of the body that normally has hair, including the legs and even eyebrows.

What are the signs and symptoms of the condition?

The primary symptom is hair loss. Other symptoms can vary widely depending on the cause of the hair loss. Those with male pattern baldness have no other symptoms. The location of the hair loss also differs depending on the cause.

Can Stress Cause Hair Loss?

Although there is a shortage of definitive medical evidence to prove a direct connection between hair loss and stress, there are three types of hair loss that have been associated with high levels of stress. They are Alopecia areata, Telogen effluvium and Trichotillomania.


A Powerful Natural Alternative For Men and Women to Grow Hair

Viviscal Extra Strength Hair Loss Vitamins are drug free, extra strength dietary supplements designed to increase follicle production and help regrow thinning hair. Containing a unique amino blend including the exclusive AminoMar C Marine Complex as well as cherry, orange and other natural plant extracts to promote hair growth, Viviscal Extra Strength Hair Loss Vitamins are 100% drug-free and safe from harmful side effects.

Viviscal Extra Strength Hair Loss Vitamins work in 4 phases over a period of 6 months, using the extra strength formula to effectively addressing the chief causes of hair loss. Stage one consists of re-feeding the hair follicles, essentially hitting the reset button for your thinning scalp, helping the new hair to begin to grow in fertile ground. Stage two reinforces and revitalizes existing hair, helping to build thickness and volume. Stage three encourages the growth of hairs at and below the hairline where they are most thin and wispy. The fourth stage involves the overall strengthening of new hair, restoring shine and resiliency.

Important Hair Loss Study: 

Treatment of Alopecia Areata, Alopecia Totalis and Alopecia Universalis with Oral Viviscal® for 12 months 

Commission Members: 
Swedish Alopecia Association, administrated by B. Prästbacka (chairman) and Patricia Brosdotter-Johansson (vice chairman)

The study was clinically monitored by M. Majass (md) and O. Puuste (md)

Department of Dermatology, Central Hospital, Tallinn, Estonia, 1994

Summary of the Viviscal Study

Altogether 97 members of the Swedish Alopecia Association (RFH) with eitheralopecia areata, alopecia totalis or alopecia universalis volunteered to take part in a 12 months study to assess the effect of oral Viviscal® on regrowth of scalp hair. Thirteen patients withdrew after 3 - 4 months because of lack of effect of the treatment. The remaining 84 patients fulfilled the treatment and were therefore valuable.

Fifty of these had alopecia areata, 12 alopecia totalis and 22 alopecia universalis. They all took two tablets of Viviscal® daily for 12 months. Before the study, after 6 and 12 months they fulfilled a questionnaire regarding the start of regrowth of scalp hair and the estimated area of the scalp with regrowth of permanent hair. In the areata group regrowth of permanent hair started to appear after approximately 6 months in 46 patients, in the totalis group in 10 patients after 4 months and in the universalis group after 5 months in 7 patients.

After 12 months, 7 patients in the areata group (14%) showed complete regrowth of hair, 27 patients estimated a regrowth of 70 - 95%, 10 a regrowth of 50 - 65% and 6 a regrowth less than 50%.

In the totalis group 3 patients had a complete hair regrowth, 3 a regrowth of 70 - 95%, 4 a regrowth of 50 - 65% and 3 a regrowth of hair less than 50%. In the alopecia universalis group one of the patients reported complete regrowth of hair, 4 had a regrowth of 70 -95% and one a regrowth of 50 - 65%, while 16 had less than 50% regrowth of scalp hair. Better nail growth was reported by all patients with weak nails prior to the study.

Overall 34 patients (68%) of the patients in the alopecia areata group, 6 of the patients (50%) of the patients in the alopecia totalis group and 5 patients (23%) in the alopecia universalis group were highly satisfied with the treatment results, while 10 (20%), 4 (33%) and 1 (5%), respectively estimated the end result as good.

There was a noteworthy correlation between the treatment results and the type of alopecia, but no significant connection between the age and sex of the patients or duration of hair loss could be observed. No adverse responses or unexpected events were reported by the patients.

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