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Erika Feinberg, Chairman of ActiveForever Talks to the Wall Street Transcript

Wednesday, July 28 2004

NEW YORK-(BUSINESS WIRE)-July 28, 2004-The Wall Street Transcript has published an in-depth interview with Erika Feinberg, Chairman of ActiveForever in which she talks at length about the Company.

The entire 2,500 word interview is available free online at

Established more than 10 years ago as Independent Living Products, the new owners have re-defined it as, ActiveForever ; which now offers the convenience of one-stop-shopping for more than 10,000 competitively priced, life-enhancing products that address almost all physical and clinical needs. Products include aids for daily living; bath and safety and hygiene products, mobility aids, durable medical equipment; low vision aids, ergonomic products; and land and aqua exercise therapy products. ActiveForever also provides a multitude of product solutions for arthritis, Parkinson's Disease, diabetes, stroke rehabilitation, low vision, hearing loss, spinal cord injuries and other physically limiting conditions.

In describing the Company Ms. Feinberg states "We are a product solutions business solving practically any physical challenge; with a focus on helping people maintain their safety, happiness and activities of daily living; offering the best service, low price guarantees, and one of the most fascinating and thoughtful product solutions services for the population." Our work also helps our business partners stay competitive in their industries through sharing useful intelligence and offering them a unique entry into marketing channels.

In describing the Company's growth strategy Ms. Feinberg states "We're building this company with the assumption that consumer driven health is going to get stronger and stronger, and we opinionated baby boomers are going to get stronger and stronger." Ms. Feinberg continues "We're conservatively on track for $20 million in 2005. We haven't even bothered with projections beyond the end of 2005 due to the tremendous developments that continue to occur. We're sitting in the eye of a multi-billion dollar market. Our biggest challenge is deciding whether we should continue to grow ActiveForever organically, or if we should encourage strategic investment from our business partners with deeper pockets. ActiveForever is certainly capable of scaling, and stepping up to the demands of the communities we serve.

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