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Easy Ways to Workout at Work

While many of us know we need to lose weight the time available daily for workouts gets quickly lost among school, taking care of the kids, work, errands, and so much more. Because few Americans come anywhere close to at least 30 minutes of moderate activity five days a week recommended by the U.S. surgeon general, at ActiveForever we have numerous products and tips for how to workout at work so you can save time and lose weight fast.

There are ways to exercise at work you've probably heard of many times such as parking towards the back of the parking lot to increase your walk from the car to your office, take the stairs instead of the elevator, when climbing the stairs take stairs two at a time, and more. But there are so many more innovative and fun ways to workout at work!

You'll be amazed at the weight loss that occurs from simply replacing your desk chair with an exercise ball. An exercise ball (also called a stability ball) works your core muscles and allows you to workout at work without feeling like you're going out of your way to exercise. This idea is so popular there are exercise ball chairs such as the Evolution Chair Exercise Ball Chair equipped with a removable base on wheels so you can move easily around your office. You can see the most effective core strengthening exercises printed directly onto the Physioball Maxafe Gym Ball.

If you like the idea of fast weight loss with a work workout, but want to exercise at work more discretely than doing jumping jacks in the break room take advantage of numerous exercises you can do at your office desk. There are compact versions of your favorite exercise machines such as the stair stepper, exercise bike, and more to fit easily under your desk for an easy office workout. Get the work workout equivalent of using a stair stepper at the gym with the DuroMed Fitness Mini Stepper Exerciser, which fits easily under your desk so you can do a lower body workout at your office desk. The Stamina EMR Conversion II Recumbent Bike Rower mimics a full-size exercise bike and can be used for your legs or arms for a total body work workout. With manual pedal exercisers also available it doesn't matter how you want to exercise at work - there is the perfect work workout equipment for you no matter what your preferences are. ActiveForever has a large variety of cardio exercise equipment for office workouts.

There are also numerous exercises and exercise equipment to get an upper body workout at work. Keep Uniband resistance bands or small hand weights in your office and take advantage of time waiting on the phone to do arm curls. With all of the time we spend typing on our computers at work, strengthening our hands with easy-to-use hand grip strengtheners is a smart thing to include in your office workout. Video gamers praise the Xtensor Hand Exerciser for both developing muscles and relieving stress in the hands. The Xtensor Hand Exerciser was also a recipient of the Medical Design Excellence Award.

With the popularity of shoes promising to do additional toning beyond regular shoes, it is apparent we are a country which likes the idea of being fit more than working out. For those interested in how to exercise at work with a bit of discretion and weight loss from just your regular daily activities then you'll want to take advantage of weighted apparel. What is weighted apparel? Quite simply, it is clothing and accessories that come with weights to add strength training to all the activities you do while wearing the weighted clothing. By increasing the weight your body must carry and function with, the metabolic rate is increased so you burn more calories doing the same activities. During a work workout the Xvest Weight Vest could be used under a blazer, the SKILLZ Weighted Shorts could be worn under pants for the ultimate office workout and quick weight loss. With weighted apparel simple office tasks such as filing, walking down the hall, and more become strength training activities without adding any additional office exercises.

These are only a few of the multitudes of ways to exercise at work. For additional ideas on how to workout at work there are numerous Chair Aerobics Videos with ideas that could be easily adapted for an office workout. At Active Forever, we offer a large variety of products to help you stay fit and active in fun, easy, and innovative ways whether you want to have quick weight loss with office exercises, you're recovering from a surgery, or more. Take a moment to look through the wide range of products available at ActiveForever, and if you think of a great way to exercise at work that we haven't mentioned be sure and share it with us!