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Thera Band Products

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  • Theraband Resistance Bands Set

    Theraband Resistance Bands Set

    The Theraband Resistance Bands Set provides a completely progressive resistance exercise program containing progressive-resistance bands. Ideal for upper and lower body conditioning, simply cut the Theraband Resistance Bands Set to the appropriate length, tie the two ends, and exercise.

  • Theraband FlexBar

    Theraband FlexBar

    The Theraband FlexBar is great for improving grip, upper extremity strength, as well as aiding in wrist, hand rehabilitation, and forearm. Flexbar is perfect for performance improvement in massage therapy, martial arts, and sports that call for grip strengthening.

  • Thera Bands Exercise Band 6 yd Roll

    Thera Bands Exercise Band 6 yd Roll

    A complete resistance exercise program. Ideal for upper and lower body conditioning. To use, simply cut the appropriate length, tie the two ends, and exercise. The 6-inch width evenly distributes pressure. Lightweight and compact enough to take anywhere.

  • Thera Band Exercise Ball

    Thera Band Exercise Ball

    The Thera Band Exercise Ball is one of the best all-around fitness tools for rehabilitation and core strength training. Designed to accommodate a variety of users and conditions, training with an exercise ball helps to fine tune coordination, increase muscle tone and promote overall fitness.

  • TheraBand Hand Bar

    TheraBand Hand Bar

    The Thera-Band Hand Bars are versatile water exercise tools that provide increased muscle strength and flexibility while preserving joint strength. Able to improve the range of motion of the upper extremities, these Thera Band Hand Bars also provide three levels of resistance that tone your arms, chest, shoulders and back so you look your best.

  • Standard ParaBath Paraffin Bath

    Standard ParaBath Paraffin Bath

    The Standard ParaBath Paraffin Bath is a heat therapy device designed to relieve pain often associated with arthritis, bursitis, and chronic joint inflammation so you can get back to enjoying life. The healing power of the paraffin wax soothes the skin, relaxes the muscles and helps stimulate circulation, providing therapeutic nutrients to the body.


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6 Item(s)

Thera Band Products