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  • Therion X-Power Magnetic Therapy Pad

    Therion X-Power Magnetic Therapy Pad

    The Therion X-Power Magnetic Therapy Pad is a great way to provide deep magnetic penetration to larger areas of the body such as the abdomen, hips, thighs, chest and back.

  • Therion Balance Magnetic Ankle Brace - Universal

    Therion Balance Magnetic Ankle Brace - Universal

    Helps treat and relieve ankle discomfort and swelling!

    The Therion Balance Magnetic Ankle Brace provides users with quick relief from ankle pain and helps reduce swelling around the ankle. Equipped with 8 powerful magnets, this ankle brace helps speeds up the healing process for ankle sprains, strains and bruising. Comfortable and easy to use, the brace is fully adjustable for a more custom fit. Buy your Therion Balance Magnetic Ankle Brace today from!

  • Therion Balance MTR Magnetic Elbow Support

    Therion Balance MTR Magnetic Elbow Support

    The Therion Balance MTR Magnetic Elbow Support helps relieve moderate pain in and around the elbow and reduces inflammation due to arthritis, golfer's elbow, bursitis, sprains and strains. This easy to use, comfortable and lightweight elbow support features integrated magnets that help ease pain and inflammation due to arthritis, golfer's elbow, bursitis and elbow sprains and strains.

  • Therion Magnetic Travel Pillow

    Therion Magnetic Travel Pillow

    The Therion Magnetic Travel Pillow features embedded magnets to help relieve neck pain and shoulder tensions. Great for use while traveling, this U-shaped pillow provides your neck with superior support while reading or resting. With 16 magnets throughout the pillow, users are provided with superior therapeutic benefits that help soothe headaches while increases blood circulation and oxygenation. Relax and receiving magnetic therapy no matter where you go; buy the Therion Magnetic Travel Pillow today from ActiveForever!


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4 Item(s)


Therion offers a complete range of ultra reliable magnetic products for the management of a number of health related conditions at cost effective rates. The product range comprises of therapeutic items that can be conveniently used to promote better mind and body healing. The company is known for maintaining international standards in quality and durability, guaranteeing 100% customer satisfaction with every product purchased. Therion offers an extensive range of products catering to the comfort and convenience of the user at the most competitive rates in business. Customers can simply select the item they wish to order, purchase it online, and the product will be efficiently delivered by the company to their doorstep. According to the owners of Therion, despite the fact that all magnetic products have been made available at affordable rates, the quality, durability, and performance of the products remains effective as ever even after many years in business. Each item has been designed to offer the user unmatched convenience and comfort – they are easy to use, carry, and afford. Among the many products that the company is currently offering to customers online, the most prominent ones include: The Therion Balance Magnetic Ankle Brace Universal is one of the best selling items by the company because of its versatility and outstanding results. Priced at less than $33, this ankle brace, unlike conventional ones, uses the forces of magnetism to offer remarkable support and stability to the muscles, bones and joints. The size and degree of tightness can be conveniently adjusted by the user. Only the finest quality materials have been chosen to manufacture the Therion Balance Magnetic Ankle Brace ensuring 100% durability and the longest life possible of the product. The Therion Magnetic Memory Foam Contour Pillow is another popular product with countless advantages; it offers therapeutic value and relieves headaches resulting from uneven, under-filled or over-filled pillows. It guarantees a peaceful, calm sleep all night long and helps users feel rejuvenated and refreshed upon waking. The pillow has been recommended by a number of prominent health experts for a good night’s sleep, especially for individuals that frequently experience stress, anxiety, or sinuses. At $143.10 this comfortable pillow is one of the greatest investments one can make as it helps improve sleep routine, quality of sleep, and health in general. The Therion Platinum Magnetic Wrist Support Universal is a must-buy for those whose daily activities involve frequent hand and wrist movements, for instance men and women who play sports. The wrist support is based on magnetic fields that penetrate deep into the tissue, tendons, and joints; this unique system guarantees support and stability unlike any other wrist support available in the market. This universal support costs less than $54 a piece and the company guarantees prompt delivery once the order has been confirmed online.