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Many times, we do not realize that we have gotten a sprain or injured muscle, which need time to heal. Because the muscle is cramped or joint has swelling, you are not able to move around so easily. Unfortunately, you cannot stop moving around because you have to work or attend school, so the best way to help loosen up these muscles and joints is to use the Thermotex Therapy Systems.

Thermotex Therapy Systems offer various infrared heating pads for ever day aches and pains, to a minor injury, and even a chronic pain, like Arthritis or Tendonitis. The infrared thermal energy against the tissue increases blood flow keeping you mobile. Now there is no need to go to therapy or take pain medication. These simple products are proven to be non-invasive and truly effect with no side effects. The design of all Thermotex Therapy Systems is such that it provides ease to the customers by providing accurate heat on particular body parts, which have pain or injury. They are useful for temporary pain that you may have due to an accident or changes in the weather.

The products are made of thick, yet soft material, which is comprised of a stretchable fabric that easy moves on your skin. Great in wintertime, the Thermotex Infrared Foot Therapy System, is ideal for sprains, fractures, poor circulation, and even cold feet. It provides you with just the right amount of soothing heat therapy for your feet when they are sore and hurting. Just slide your feet into the unit and turn it on.

Backaches are very common for those who are on their feet all day, which is why the Thermotex Infrared Heating Pads are available in different sizes to fit you and your needs perfectly. You can wrap the flexible Platinum model around your lower back and fasten it with its own strap or it is even safe to lie down on it treating everything from osteoarthritis to Fibromyalgia. The Gold model is machine washable with adjustable Velcro fasteners. Put it on your upper back as you watch TV. Ideal for chiropractic or therapy clinics, the Professional model boasts a large 38”L x 18”W size and covers the entire back. Having a back pain can be quite annoying, which is why Thermotex Therapy Systems use infrared therapy for deep penetrating relief that can be used daily.

The Thermotex TTS Wrist Infrared Heating Pad is available for your convenience in case you injure your wrist. It provides pain relief while also stabilizing the hand and wrist keeping it from further injury. As soon as the muscles are affected, they need instant attention so that they can start healing; which is why the heating pads help in such situations to get physical relief. The Knee heating pad works in the same way, but can also treat the thigh and calf.

You can always depend on the heating pad products by Thermotex Therapy Systems because they help to keep you moving throughout your daily routine, easing tension and pain in your body. Buy the reasonably priced Thermotex products now and make your life easier.

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