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Toilet Safety Frames

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Bathroom Toilet Safety Frames

Depending on the area or region in question, ever since roughly the end of the 19th century, places of residence and most businesses located within the United States have naturally come equipped with at least one indoor bathroom toilet. It may not be the fanciest, most expensive or best toilet available, but because of their utter necessity, they are easily accessible to virtually anyone currently living within the confines of American society today.

Prior to that the toilet was located outdoors. While this was significantly less convenient, it"s mere existence speaks to a modern era inclination of privacy surrounding the use of bathroom toilets and perhaps just the bathroom, bathing and more broadly speaking, the subject of personal sanitation in general.

While it may not be the most pleasant or comfortable topic to broach, (depending on the company,) in some instances it is completely necessary. This is one of those cases.

We invite you to peruse our selection of simple, yet functional and often easy-to-install, toilet safety frames. At ActiveForever, we appreciate society"s ingrained desire to keep bathroom time both peaceful and personal. This is something people treasure regardless of their level of mobility or physical ability. We understand this, we relate and we are here to assist you in achieving your goals in this manner.

In a variety of styles, sizes, and functions, we carry only the finest products from the industry"s best manufacturers to make your bathroom the safest and most convenient for anyone requiring assisted living tools and devices.

ActiveForever"s basic Toilet Safety Frame, is composed of sturdy anodized aluminum tubing with skid-resistant rubber tipped legs and textured grip arm rests for comfort. It"s both safe and non-intrusive, suitable for virtually anyone.

The Raised Toilet Seat Safety Frame combines two popular functionalities in one useful device. Featuring a raised seat and sturdy grab bars, this toilet facilitates easy use for most anyone with limited mobility that craves independence and comfort while using the restroom. This product is understandably in high demand, so is on back order until January 2013. Please contact us at, or call 1-800-377-8033 for more details.

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  1. HEALTHSMART Toilet Safety Arm Support with BactiX
  2. Nova Toilet Safety Rails

    Nova Toilet Safety Rails

    SKU: A27344


    The Nova Toilet Safety Rails features a one piece mounting design, allows for easy width adjustment, and can fit any standard toilet.

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  3. QuattroPower Suction Cup Support

    QuattroPower Suction Cup Support

    SKU: A17858x

    Starting at: $599.99

    The QuattroPower Suction Cup Support is a toilet safety frame/rail that aids elderly or disabled individuals when using the toilet. Each support features four highly durable suction cups that easily secure to the bathroom wall, and are conveniently angled so the user can push or pull to assist them when sitting down or standing up. Suction cups must be secured to a flat, smooth, non-porous surface and require 5" x 5" surface space for each grip. The QuattroPower Suction Cup Support is also available with extra grip for added safety, as well as an indicator button which lets the user know each suction cup is completely secured to the wall. Buy the QuattroPower Suction Cup Support from ActiveForever today!

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  4. Toilet Safety Frame

    Toilet Safety Frame

    SKU: A13087


    If you have trouble getting on and off the toilet and need stronger support then look no further. The Toilet Safety Frame provides a durable frame around the toilet, providing a strong support to help you get on and off the toilet.

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