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You're reviewing: TranquilEyes Chronic Dry Eye Hydrating Therapy Kit

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Really surprized with this product. I am using them in the evening to watch TV. Please ...Please... Please... figure out a way to install prescription lens....spend hours on the computer reading charts..but need my prescription lens to see them. It would be so perfect using your Tranquill Eyes Hydrating Kit during these long hours as well.
Review by on 21/11/2014 4:57 PM
wonderfully comfortable and very effective. I love it!
Review by on 21/11/2014 4:57 PM
The best product ever. My eyes never felt so good!
Review by on 21/11/2014 4:57 PM
Dear Brad, use of Tranquilizeyes goggles has kept me from having the RED red eyes, lids and eyes, that I've had for 12 years. 12 years ago I had a sever attack of Shingles in my eye, and I've had pain ever since. So I thought that my red eyes were just one more thing that I had to live with. Terrible pain in the morning with those red eyes, because my eyelashes grow inward and scratch my cornea. View more
Review by Matthew Pudsey on 08/01/2013 1:00 PM

4 Item(s)

Perfect for those suffering from mild to severe cases of dry eyes, TranquilEyes uses moist heat to sooth and relieve eyes of fatigue and dryness resulting from normal aging, everyday use of contact lenses, computer use, allergies, LASIK surgery, medical conditions, as well as offsetting jet-lag symptoms.

Cold treatments can also be used to eliminate puffiness around the eyes and act as an aid to create complete darkness at night. The Tranquil Eyes are also ideal for traveling to dry climates that can cause eye irritation for those not used to dry weather.

Each kit included moisture pads that are to be soaked in hot or cold water, placed into eye cover and worn for at least 20 minutes. For severe dry eyes, wear for at least 45 minutes. TranquilEyes are safe for all night use. Hand wash moisture pads in mild antibacterial soap or with cleanser (included) and rinse with hot water before or after each use. For best results, be sure no visible light is present when wearing TranquilEyes; if any light is visible tighten comfort wrap and gently press eye covers around eye area until it is completely dark. Buy yours today from!

5-Star Consumer Rated TranquilEyes for Dry and Red Eyes

Chronic Dry Eye Therapy Kit Features:

  • Memory foam for added comfort
  • Adjustable straps
  • Two spare sets of foam replacements
  • Anti-bacterial cleanser (1.0 fl. oz)
  • Net dry bag and travel sack
  • Ideal for travel to dry climates
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Latex Free
  • Made in the USA

TranquilEyes Chronic Dry Eye Hydrating Therapy Kit Specifications:

  • TranquilEyes Kit User Manual
  • Size: Goggles are adjustable, one size fits all
  • Colors: Sky Blue, Sage, Lavender, Black, Platinum, and Soft Pink
  • Includes: One (1) pair of TranquilEyes goggles, two (2) spare sets of foam replacements, anti-bacterial cleanser (1.0 fl. oz), one (1) net bag for drying, and product manual

Warranty: One year manufacturer's warranty on material and workmanship. Warranty does not cover the eye cushions or moisture pads, or for products that have been subject to abuse, misuse, negligence, or accident.

Return Policy: Due to hygiene purposes, this item is non-returnable. Please refer to ActiveForever's return policy for more detailed information.

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  • TranquilEyes Chronic Dry Eye Hydrating Therapy Kit
  • TranquilEyes Chronic Dry Eye Hydrating Therapy Kit
  • TranquilEyes Chronic Dry Eye Hydrating Therapy Kit
  • TranquilEyes Chronic Dry Eye Hydrating Therapy Kit
  • TranquilEyes Chronic Dry Eye Hydrating Therapy Kit

TranquilEyes Chronic Dry Eye Hydrating Therapy Kit

SKU: A16480x

Eye Eco

For immediate and long-lasting relief from unceasingly dry eyes, patented and doctor recommended TranquilEyes Chronic Dry Eye Hydrating Therapy Kit naturally imitates tear production to help make eyes look and feel better.