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9 Item(s)

My wife and I LOVE these pillows. We order them regularly (I only wish they lasted longer).
Review by on 21/11/2014 4:57 PM
Tis is a very good pillow for a person who has problems with their neck.
Review by on 21/11/2014 4:57 PM
I have to say that although it is an improvement over my traditional pillow, I do wish the sides were extended a few inches longer on each side. What happens is, because the sides aren't wide enough, the back of my head tends to roll back into the depression. Unless I wake up and intentionally move to the very edge of the pillow so the back of my head is supported, this continues to happen. And I View more
Review by on 21/11/2014 4:57 PM
Love this pillow! Recently travelled and forgot it. Had to go back to doing my neck exercises and using my T.E.N.S. unit to get the kinks out of my neck. Great pillow. I have already recommended it to friends and family. Sincerely, Yetta Morton-Young
Review by on 21/11/2014 4:57 PM
I have tried just about every pillow on the market in search of relief from pain following cervical fusion surgery. This pillow is fantastic at providing the perfect amount of support for your neck while sleeping. Once you try this pillow you will never be able to sleep on a regular pillow again. I take mine everywhere I go!
Review by Laura Kinkead on 04/11/2013 1:00 PM
I am very picky about my pillow and this pillow is a winner for me. KM
Review by Elliot Feldman on 08/01/2013 1:00 PM
I like it so far. Still getting accustomed to it.can let u know later after I get used to it.
Review by Gary Graber on 08/01/2013 1:00 PM
The Tri-Core Orthopedic Support Pillow is the best cervical traction pillow on the market. Old neck injuries cause nerve pain in my back, arm and hand when I use a regular pillow. Sleeping on this pillow relieves those symptoms by keeping my neck in a curved position. I wake feeling rested & no longer have need to see a chiropractor continuously. The pillow is well made, hypoallergenic &am View more
Review by Joanna Tucker on 08/01/2013 1:00 PM
This is the only pillow that has relieved my neck pain and I have tried many. I cannot sleep comfortably on any other pillow now. I also bought one for my sister and she got relief from her neck pain right away. Great product!
Review by Carol Iglauer on 08/01/2013 1:00 PM

9 Item(s)

Filled with a unique hypoallergenic and anti-microbial fiberfill, the Tri-Core Pillow helps support the natural curve of the spine and provides a natural, relaxing sleep every night. The down-like feel of the pillow provides comfort and support and the fibers can be washed and fluffed to increase the pillows life. Reducing nerve pressure on the neck and spine is proven to increase restful sleep, and a refreshed mornings.

By conforming to the natural curvature of the neck, the Tri-Core Orthopedic Support Pillow cradles and supports the head and neck like no other pillow on the market. This natural position helps open obstructed airways reducing instances of snoring and tension as well as helping with apnea and COPD treatments. Buy your Tri-Core Orthopedic Support Pillow today from!

Tri-Core Orthopedic Support Pillow Features:

  • Maintains the neck vertebrae in a natural position
  • Reduces muscle stress and tension for a more restful sleep
  • Fiber-filled provides highest quality cervical support available
  • Helps open obstructed airways that often cause snoring
  • Designed for either back or side sleeping
  • Made of a hypoallergenic, anti-microbial fiber
  • Fits standard pillow case
  • Hand-washable
  • Made in the USA!

Tri-Core Orthopedic Standard Size Support Pillow Specifications:

  • Dimensions:
    • A12027 01 Standard: 24" x 16"; curvature loft is 5" on one side and 4.5" on the other
    • A12027 06 Gentle: 24" x 16"; curvature loft is 4.5" on both sides
  • Fits: Standard pillow case
  • Color: White only

Returns: Due to hygiene purposes, this item is non-returnable. Please refer to ActiveForevers return policy for more detailed information.

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  • Tri-Core Orthopedic Support Pillow
  • Tri-Core Orthopedic Support Pillow
  • Tri-Core Orthopedic Support Pillow

Tri-Core Orthopedic Support Pillow

SKU: A12027

The Tri-Core Orthopedic Support Pillow is a premium ergonomic pillow that provides the highest quality cervical support available.