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What is Ultrasound Therapy?

Ultrasound therapy is a form of treatment that uses high-energy sound waves to treat painful conditions and to promote tissue healing. Ultrasound therapy may not be effective for all pain conditions, but it may be used to reduce pain if you have osteoarthritis, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, sprains, or strains.

How does Ultrasound Therapy work?

Ultrasound Therapy uses pulses of sound waves to penetrate tissues or continuous sound waves to cause vibrations in the deep tissue molecules. These sound waves can reduce swelling and decrease pain. Usually, a small surface area is worked on anywhere from 5-10 minutes. It is important to make sure the transducer head does not remain in one place for too long, or else it can burn the tissues underneath. Gel, such as the Medline Ultrasound Transmission Gel is applied to your skin or the ultrasound machine transducer head to make sure the sound waves evenly penetrate the skin. It is normal to feel a mild pulsing during ultrasound therapy as well as warmth in the skin. You may however, feel nothing at all.

What Ultrasound Therapy machine will work for me?

The Mettler Sonicator 740 Therapeutic Ultrasound Machine is perfect for those who need a light weight and portable ultrasound device for home therapy. It features direct crystal-to-patient technology which allows for better penetration. With the direct crystal-to-patient applicator, the Sonicator 740 Ultrasound Machine does not have to work as hard as other products that use a metal interface. This helps extend the overall life span of the unit. Features of the Mettler Sonicator 740 Therapeutic Ultrasound Machine include: large back-lit LCD display, screen which shows treatment settings and status, large soft-touch controls, continuous or pulsed modes, and a 5cm2 applicator. Interchangeable applicators are also available for this unit and is only compatible with 740 applicators. Ultrasound applicators available are the ME 740 ultrasound applicator; 10cm2, 1 MHz, ME 740 ultrasound applicator; 5 cm2, 1/3 MHz, and ME 740 ultrasound applicator; 1 cm2, 3 MHz.

The Mettler Sonicator 740x Therapeutic Ultrasound Machine is the same unit as the Mettler Sonicator 740 Therapeutic Ultrasound Machine. The only difference is the amount of applicators included. The 740 includes a 5cm2 applicator, whereas the 740x comes with a 1cm2/3MHz, 5cm2 1/3 MHz, and a 10cm2/1MHz applicator.

The Mettler Sonicator Plus 940 4-Channel Combination Therapy Device combines ultrasound with electrical stimulation. This is one of the most advanced units on the market and has a built in safety feature that allows the clinician to change a parameter without having to stop or pause a treatment. Eight stimulation waveforms and dual frequency applicators for ultrasound therapy are included in the unit. The Sonicator Plus 940 features a large back-lit LCD touch screen, 61 preset protocols, and space for the clinician to store their own protocols.

The Mettler Sonicator Plus 994 4-Channel Combination Therapy Device also combines ultrasound with electrical stimulation. It may be used to treat up to 5 patients at the same time or 5 treatment areas at the same time. The unit includes 6 waveforms and a dual frequency ultrasound that comes with a 5cm2 applicator.

Whether you are looking for Ultrasound Therapy equipment for home use or for your clinic or office, there are a vaeriety of Ultrasound Therapy machines available that may help reduce any pain you or your patients are experiencing.