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Uplift Technologies

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  • Risedale Lift Chair

    Risedale Lift Chair

    Risedale Seat Lift Chair Liftchair | The uniquely styled Risedale Lift Chair makes a classy, functional addition to any room. Designed to help those with limited mobility rise from a seated position, the Risedale Lift Chair also offers an optional matching ottoman.

  • UPEASY Lifting Cushion

    UPEASY Lifting Cushion

    The only difference between this seat cushion and the Uplift brand is that the Uplift is made with memory foam. They both work great, and can both be adjusted specifically to your comfort and safety. The UPEASY lifting cushion helps people, who have lost sufficient upper or lower body strength to get up unassisted. It makes it easier to gently sit and rise from your chair or sofa. Safe and easy to use, it will lift up to 70% of your body weight.

  • UPEASY POWER Lift Cushion

    UPEASY POWER Lift Cushion

    The UpEasy Power Lifting Cushion easily transforms any existing recliner or sofa into a lift chair so that getting up is simple and hassle free.

  • Uplift Premium Power Seat

    Uplift Premium Power Seat

    The Uplift Premium Power Seat from Uplift Technologies is a patented mobility aid and positioning assistant designed for individuals with physical limitations and standing issues.

  • Uplift Seat Assist

    Uplift Seat Assist

    The Uplift Seat Assist is a self-powered lifting cushion that assists you gently up and down from any armchair or sofa. This gentle action relieves stress and strain on painful joints, and eliminates the need to "rock" out of your seat. Even those of you who currently need "a pull" to get up can rest assured you won't any longer: Uplift is strong enough to lift 80% of your weight. The lifting action is provided by a hydro-pneumatic piston that activates slowly as you begin to stand. There are no switches or levers, and no batteries are required. The Uplift is great for stroke survivors and those with limited strength or dexterity.


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Uplift Technologies