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UreSil is a medical device manufacturing and distribution company that serves to cater to the needs of physicians who perform procedures using only small incisions with the help of high-tech machinery. They tend to provide high-quality devices that stabilize and improve patient care and reduce overall treatment costs. Additionally, a network of 18 independent representative groups has supported UreSil’s domestic sales to provide hands-on product support in every city of USA. Furthermore, with extensive research and development, UreSil Corporation’s products tend to focus mostly on the area of interventional radiology, specifically comprehensive products for abscess drainage and nephrostomy. Moreover, UreSil trademarked products include the UreFlex Drainage Catheters with the Tru-Set locking system, and the Tru-Close Suction Drainage Bags and Tru-Close, Thoracic Vent. With respect to interventional radiology, General-Purpose Drainage Catheter reduces abscess drainage. It is perhaps an excellent product to meet all drainage needs and available in a soft material. Additionally, it is easy to insert, which means it helps prevent the catheter from buckling during insertion. However, Ureflex Soft catheter material has a unique design, which helps to provide the patient with substantial comfort. Furthermore, UreSil Corporation also provides Drainage Systems and Accessories, which allows compact system for patient ambulation. It highly reduces the chance of cross contamination and is available in various bag sizes such as in 300ml, 500ml and 1000ml. This system comes with a flush adapter, Y connector for bilateral drainage, and a funnel end connector tubing. With respect to Nephrostomy drainage, UreSil provides a soft material for increased patient comfort and ease. Furthermore, system is available with a soft RO marker, which helps to facilitate an accurate catheter placement. This device comes with an exceptional catheter material, which features column strength and reduces the risk of catheter buckling. The large drainage holes along with large bore hub provide excellent flow rates. Hence, one can see how well UreSil Corporation has sustained to serve its clients with needs and preferences. Moreover, UreSil Corporation delivers Mini-Pigtail Drainage Catheter with locking pigtail. It includes catheter, metal cannula, and five units per box. However, the Mini-Pigtail is available in various sizes such as of 6F/12 cm and is Hydrophilic-coated and non-coated. UreSil Corporation introduces Posi-Stick, which delivers an easy and accurate catheter placement. It has a 5F flexible dilator with trocar and a guide wire for quick and easy access used for catheter placement. However, another product that UreSil has produced is Catheter Fixation System. This system incorporates a silicone disk, locking nylon collar, and transparent tape, which helps to secure the catheter without occluding the lumen. Furthermore, this transparent tape allows the user to monitor and observe skin condition. This type of universal design is available for any brand of catheter. With respect to Pneumothorax Products, UreSil introduces Thoracic Vent, for the treatment of traumatic and voluntary simple pneumothorax. This self-contained vent allows patients to complete ambulation. Thus, all the components are essential for immediate insertion. However, this device also allows aspiration of small fluids.

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UreSil Corporation

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