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  • Weighted Kit for Tremors

Parkinsons Weighted Kit for Tremors

SKU: A21004

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The Weighted Kit for Tremors is a set of innovative and weighted adaptive utensils that help users with tremors to conduct activities of daily living more easily.

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Weighted Kit for Tremors Perfect for those who shake due to Parkinson's Disease, essential tremor or other neurological conditions, the weighted kit reduces the severity of the tremors so that users can eat and drink, shave, and brush their teeth effectively. Better able to control their utensils, users will enjoy a new level of independence and peace of mind. The Weighted Kit for Tremors includes stainless steel KEatlery weighted utensils with ergonomic handles and a contemporary, elegant design. The weighted mug is insulated to maintain the temperature of its contents and has a no-spill lid. Two weighted universal holders with grooved, easy-to-grip handles allow users to accurately manipulate razors, pens, pencils, markers and toothbrushes. All items are weighted at around 7 ounces and deliver a steadying heft for the hands of those with illnesses or injuries that induce tremors. If you want your daily activities to be easier and smoother buy the Weighted Kit for Tremors from Activ View more

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