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Wheelchair Accessories

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Wheelchair Pads Armrests and Footrests

When walking is no longer an option and a loved one is confined to a wheelchair outfitting the wheelchair with comfort accessories will help improve their overall quality of life by making them as comfortable as possible. Luckily there are many companies that specialize in the manufacturing of wheelchair accessories that are designed to keep the chair bound as comfortable as possible. Wheelchair accessories can include: umbrellas, cup holders, gel pads for armrests and footrests and tote bags so you can store items and take them with you. These accessories are easy to install and can give the patient a more comfortable than the standard wheelchair. If you are uncertain what to purchase go with gel pads then something like a tote bag.

Accessories for Wheelchairs

A good multi-purpose wheelchair accessory is the Synergy Rehab Egg-Shaped Stick On Gel Pad is a versatile and durable cushion that sticks to most flat surfaces and provides instant protection from friction and sores. Made from woven-nylon wrapped gel, this stick on pad is rugged enough to withstand steady punishment while remaining soft and comfortable on your skin to apply the gel pad simply clean the target area and place the adhesive side against it.

Natural Fit Wheelchair Handrim A high quality ergonomic design and low friction surface helps to reduce pain and reduce the risk of carpal tunnel or arthritis. Because it provides ergonomic surfaces for the thumb and for the palm of the hand and creates a vastly improved contact area for gripping the handrim. The Natural Fit Wheelchair Handrim is a state of the art engineered handrim providing comfort and enables better wheelchair movement and braking.

The Drive Large, Deluxe Wheelchair Carry Pouch can fit on almost any wheelchair. This deluxe wheelchair pouch is large enough to fit all of your personal belongings. It easily attaches your wheelchair and comes with large, zippered pocket and a mesh pocket with Velcro closures.

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  1. Nova Mobility Handbags

    Nova Mobility Handbags

    SKU: A23496

    Regular Price: $27.99

    Special Price $18.99

    The Nova Mobility Handbag is a stylish accessory designed exclusively for walkers, rollators and other such mobility devices.

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  2. Swedish Help Arm

    Swedish Help Arm

    SKU: A12710


    A truly unique & innovative device for all upper body rehabilitation & ambulation needs!

    The Swedish Help Arm is a truly innovative and effective counterbalanced arm support system that promotes motor function and muscle repair in patients with impaired arm function. Ideal for those with weak shoulders, elbows and wrists, this unique support system assists with activities such as typing, drawing, eating and more without causing strain or weakness.

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  3. Side Pack for Power Chairs and Scooters
  4. Sheepskin Ranch Sheep Skin Wheelchair Arm Rest Pads

    Sheepskin Ranch Sheep Skin Wheelchair Arm Rest Pads

    SKU: A12475x


    The Sheepskin Ranch Sheep Skin Wheelchair Arm Rest Pads are designed to reduce pressure at the point of body contact. Not only will the patient be more comfortable with the sheepskin arm rest pads, their risk of developing a bed sore is dramatically reduced because friction and tearing of the skin is eliminated. Build-up and conduction of static electricity is also resisted. These wheelchair arm rest pads absorb and re-circulate moisture or perspiration to prevent the buildup of surface moisture, which keeps the patient dry. This process keeps the patient comfortable and reduces the amount of times he or she may need to be changed. The sheepskin wheelchair arm rest pads are able to evenly distribute the patients' weight because of their resilient and springy feature

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  5. Rage Powersports Hitch Mounted Mobility Carrier

    Rage Powersports Hitch Mounted Mobility Carrier

    SKU: A21420x

    Starting at: $146.99

    Rage Powersports Hitch Mounted Mobility Carrier Learn More
  6. Posey Foot Hugger

    Posey Foot Hugger

    SKU: A15964x

    Starting at: $83.99

    Improve your posture while still maintaining a comfortable sitting position.

    The Posey Foot Hugger Wheelchair Footrest is the perfect accessory to add to any wheelchair. The padded footrest creates a comfortable seating position that helps improve seat alignment and posture. The foot hugger helps to prevent feet from slipping off wheelchair footrests and becoming entangled underneath the wheels.

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  7. Posey Deluxe Lateral Arm Support

    Posey Deluxe Lateral Arm Support

    SKU: A15965


    The Posey Lateral Arm Support is a wheelchair accessory that promotes proper positioning and delivers added padding to the arm so users are safe and comfortable. This contoured arm trough stabilizes the upper extremeties of people with a lateral lean and serves as an elevated armrest for conducting rehab activities.

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  8. Nova Universal Cup Holder

    Nova Universal Cup Holder

    SKU: A12438


    The Nova Universal Cup Holder is an easy to use accessory that attaches to virtually any wheelchair or walker.

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  9. Merry Stand By Me Wheelchair Standing Aid

    Merry Stand By Me Wheelchair Standing Aid

    SKU: A17678x

    Starting at: $399.99

    The Merry Stand By Me Wheelchair Standing Aid is designed specifically for individuals looking to self-rehabilitate. This unique device assists wheelchair users with standing up from a sitting position. Easy to use, individuals can roll their wheelchair up to the standing aid, hold onto the front cross bar and practice shifting their weight. This allows the user to stand in place and sit back down onto their wheelchair that should be locked into place.

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  10. Synergy Rehab Calf Rest Support Protector

    Synergy Rehab Calf Rest Support Protector

    SKU: A22032x

    Starting at: $79.99

    Synergy Rehab Calf Rest Support Protector Learn More
  11. Wheelchair Day Pac

    Wheelchair Day Pac

    SKU: A14007 01 BLACK


    Sporty and Convenient Wheelchair Pack!

    This exceptionally roomy pack fits any wheelchair with or without push handles. Adjustable straps allow this sporty and convenient pack to slip over the back of any wheelchair seat loosely or snugly, making it simple for the user to remove it from a seated position. Dual zipper system opens pack from either side and includes large pull rings for persons with limited or no grasping ability.

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  12. UPG 24v Scooter and Wheelchair Battery Charger

    UPG 24v Scooter and Wheelchair Battery Charger

    SKU: A20163x

    Starting at: $27.99

    UPG 24v Scooter and Wheelchair Battery Charger Learn More
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