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Writing Typing Aids

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  1. 20/20 Pen 12 Pack

    20/20 Pen 12 Pack

    SKU: A18034


    20/20 Pen from Learn More
  2. Carex Enablers Dexterity Kit

    Carex Enablers Dexterity Kit

    SKU: A15046


    The Carex Enablers Dexterity Kit combines five items specifically designed to enhance hand function. These items meet some of the most common daily household challenges faced by people with arthritis, hand tremors or other conditions.

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  3. Steady Write Pen

    Steady Write Pen

    SKU: A15134


    Helpful for those who have Parkinson's, arthritis or limited use of hands. Permanently attached base stabilizes hand at a special angle to smooth out shaky or poor handwriting. Grip with fingers held between knuckles or grasp like an ordinary pen.

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  4. Writing Bird

    Writing Bird

    SKU: A15005


    A different solution to relieve the stress of writing for people with rheumatoid arthritis. The Writing Bird is an adaptive product that combines form and function to rest comfortably in your right or left hand. Perfect for individuals who lack thumb to fingertip pinch. Slides easily along writing surface. Gentle pressure on the tail allows pen to easily move without smearing ink.

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  5. Foam Tubing

    Foam Tubing

    SKU: A15205


    Foam Tubing can be used on the handles of eating or writing utensils, toothbrushes, razors, brushes, or combs to help those with a weak grasp with their daily tasks.

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  6. Wanchiks Writer Number 2

    Wanchiks Writer Number 2

    SKU: A15007


    Just like the original Wanchik Writer, the Wanchik Writer #2 holds the pen for you when writing but adds additional wrist support. We've selected this great writing aid due to its comfort, ease of use.

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  7. WIRK Ride Cycling Workstation

    WIRK Ride Cycling Workstation

    SKU: A33022


    The WIRK Ride Cycling Workstation allows the user to be physically active while they are working alleviating many health issues such as high blood pressure, mental stress, and weight gain.

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