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FRIO Insulin Cooling Pump Wallet



Quick Overview

The FRIO Insulin Cooling Pump Wallet is specifically designed to keep both the insulin and the pump safe when in extreme temperatures. By relying on water to stay cold, a refrigerator or ice are not needed; simply submerge the FFRIO Insulin Cooling Pump Wallet into cold water for 5-15 minutes. Special crystals inside the panels of the wallet expand into a gel which remains cold for days, keeping contents at around 77-79°F (25°C).

Used by climbers in the Himalayas and during expeditions in jungles, the FRIO Cooler is equipped with a belt-loop on the back so that it can be worn comfortably if needed, while a waterproof interior helps keep moisture away from the contents. This lightweight and compact cooler is reusable and suitable for use with virtually all pumps. Purchase your FFRIO Insulin Cooling Pump Wallet today from ActiveForever!

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Manufacturer FRIO
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