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Sonic Boom Alarm Clock

SKU: A18538 01

Multi-Functional Sonic Boom Alarm Clock that Alerts You With Flashing Light and Loud Variable Tone. Guaranteed to wake up even the heaviest sleepers!

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Loud Alarm Clock the Sonic Boom Alarm Clock SA-SB1000 is excited to offer the Original Sonic Boom Alarm Clock! No need to worry again about being late for work, school or missing an important appointment. The Sonic Boom Alarm Clock SA-SB1000 offers many different options for waking up: an adjustable tone and volume buzzer, a light or any combination of the options. The Sonic Alert Alarm Clock SA-SB1000 has a built-in outlet for a lamp. With the built-in receiver, it can also notify you of other activities during sleep such as a baby's cry, smoke alarm, telephone or even the doorbell ringing. Sonic Boom Alarm Clock SA-SB1000 Features: Extremely loud, pulsating alarm Large, bright .9" tall green digital display (LED) with adjustable angle for easy reading! Can adjust loud buzzer up to 98 decibels. Adjustable volume and tone controls lets you pick the perfect volume and tone to best alert you. No need to disturb family members in the same room or other rooms of View more

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I had bought this product for my 25 yr. old son. Since he was in high school and college, he was unable to wake up to 3 alarm clocks. Since the purchase I had only woke him up once. The tri-fecter loud alarm, vibrator, and blinking lights, gets him up every morning. He has a good job at a hospital in another town, now maybe he can get an apartment by himself.
Review by DAVID WERNER on 08/01/2013 1:00 PM
Review by Poramey Choeun on 08/01/2013 1:00 PM
Now have my second Boomer. Love the vibrator with the lamp flashing (which also scares the dog so she jumps) and I'm sure to get up for early hunting. Would recommend extending the slide function so it's easier to select the proper location.
Review by Joyce Dronoff on 08/01/2013 1:00 PM

3 Item(s)

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