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Healthcraft Products

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  • Invisia Collection Soap Dish with Integrated Support Rail

    Invisia Collection Soap Dish with Integrated Support Rail

    The Invisia Collection Soap Dish with Integrated Support Rail is an innovative bathroom safety device that is stylish and seamless in its design. With a maximum weight capacity of 500 lbs., the Invisia Soap Dish with Support Rail allows users to live a more independent lifestyle as it aids users in getting in and out of the bathtub or shower.

  • Health Craft SuperPole

    HealthCraft SuperPole

    The HealthCraft SuperPole is one of the most innovative and useful mobility assistance devices ever created for the home. Designed to provide a solid and secure hand hold to assist with getting up and staying safe around the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and more, this floor to ceiling grab bar provides the support necessary to allow those with physical limitations to reduce their risks around the house.

  • Invisia Collection Corner Shelf with Support Rail

    Invisia Collection Corner Shelf with Support Rail

    The Invisia Collection Corner Shelf with Support Rail is a stylish, non-traditional approach to bathroom safety. This corner shelf includes an integrated curved rail that is able to support up to 500 lbs.


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17 Item(s)

Healthcraft Products

Healthcraft Products have been providing safety and mobility products for the home, as well as the commercial buildings for 20 years. Products for the home provide all types of support and safety solutions in bedrooms, bathrooms, and living rooms. With their SuperPole and Trapeze systems or Dependa-Bar, PT or Advantage Rails, you will feel safe moving around in your home. In commercial buildings, such as care facilities, the Health Craft Products provide the same mobility and independence that one experiences at home. They believe that people should be able to move freely and safely around no matter where they live.

The new Invisia Collection Toilet Paper Dispenser with Integrated Support Rail is perfect when it comes to ensuring top-notch safety in the bathroom without compromising the décor. It holds the toilet paper and provides support for people to grab on while getting on and getting up from the toilet. Due to its sleek design, it adds the right amount of style to your bathroom and the sturdy structure provides support up to 500 pounds. Its clever design allows it to blend discreetly with the rest of the bathroom hardware elements. However, it is not recommendable that this support rail be installed on enclosures made with fiberglass or acrylic.

The new Healthcraft PT Rail for Bathroom Safety does the job of providing support during the process of getting up from and down on to toilet. This support system is very easy to install and also provides a nice and comfortable 1.5” diameter grip. The model with hinges is very convenient as it is foldable and stows away when not in use or make using bathroom easier for those who may not need the use of a rail. The rail can be of used on either side of the toilet and it is ADA Compliant.

One of the most modern and useful devices designed to improve the mobility of people around a house is the HealthCraft SuperPole. The SuperPole has a washable grip, which is non-slip and is latex free. This adds extra control for the user and considerably reduces the chances of falling as they are standing. It is customizable due to the optional accessories that come with it. Due to this, many people can get better support according to their needs and requirements.

With its special design and maximum support for those with physical limitations, the Bariatric SuperPole provides greater accessibility for users who are overweight. By adding the SuperBar (vertical bar), it ensures the highest level of security. This support system requires no permanent installation, so relocating it to a different part of the home is not difficult. Install and enjoy these reasonably priced, innovative products from Healthcraft and move around with safety and without the fear of falling down.