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You're reviewing: Norco NC26600 Molded Sock Aid

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excellent product
Review by Sarah Bur on 08/01/2013 1:00 PM
Works as advertised. Particularily helpful for casual socks with elasticised upper part.
Review by BRIAN SCHILLER on 08/01/2013 1:00 PM
very simple, yet very useful - the garters are not necessary
Review by Craig Mattice on 08/01/2013 1:00 PM
I didn't believe it would be so easy to helping me put my socks on. Ever since I had back surgury, I always had to ask my wife to help me. This has made her life easier also. Thanks who ever invented this. So simple of an idea.
Review by Mike Mumaw on 08/01/2013 1:00 PM
I'm fairly young(early 30's) I was in an accident that limited me doing everyday things. It was embarrassing for me to ask someone to help me put on my socks. Now I'm able to do it myself. This is a great product.
Review by Alice Sliwa on 08/01/2013 1:00 PM

5 Item(s)

To Use the Molded Sock Aid:

  • Hold sock assist in lap and slide sock over the sock assist as shown, so the toe of the sock is as close to the edge as possible.
  • Hold onto the handle(s) and drop it to the floor.
  • Position your foot so your toes and as much of your foot as possible is inside the sock as shown, and pull the sock assist up in the air so the assist guides the sock onto your foot to your ankle.

Wearing rubber gloves, or rubber finger covers can help sliding the sock onto the sock aid a lot easier. Plus, the more sock you can slide onto the sock assist before you drop it to the floor, the more likely you are to achieve success in sliding the sock completely onto your foot to or above the ankle.

Molded Sock Aid Features:

  • Helps pull socks and stockings up with ease
  • Foam disc helps keep sock in place
  • Works with most socks or stockings
  • Contoured side walls help hold the sock on the device

Molded Sock Aid Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 4"W x 9.5"L
  • Nylon Handle Length: 30"
  • Color: Blue
  • Style: Without garters
  • Includes: One (1) Molded Sock Aid

Returns: Due to hygiene purposes, this item is non-returnable. Please refer to ActiveForever's return policy for more detailed information.

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Norco NC26600 Molded Sock Aid

SKU: A16006x


The Molded Sock Aid is ideal for those who have difficulty leaning down to put on socks or stockings; with the Molded Sock Aid you can complete this task with ease.