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Stroke Recovery Products Mobility

Mobility Aids for Active Lifestyles After the Stroke

A stroke, or "brain attack", can have lasting effects on one's lifestyle, especially when the stroke survivor enjoyed a busy lifestyle beforehand. Running errands, shopping, and traveling are just a few activities that stroke patients used to take for granted. In the first three segments we covered stroke recovery products for the bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen; this segment will focus on products designed to help stroke patients get out of the house and enjoy independent living.

Mobility Aids for Active Lifestyles After the Stroke

Mobility Scooters - Traveling in Style with the Phoenix

Limited leg strength and a lack of endurance can make going to malls, conventions, and large outdoor events nearly impossible. With an electric scooter, such as the Phoenix Power Mobility Scooter, stroke survivors can enjoy the freedom to navigate tight corners and cruise up to 15 miles round trip at a top speed of 4 miles per hour. The most useful feature of the Phoenix is the ability to collapse the scooter into 4 manageable pieces for travel or storage - no tools are required and assembly or disassembly takes seconds. The collapsing feature allows this scooter to be placed in a car without a scooter lift, and the small size of each piece makes it ideal for cars with little trunk space. The attractive styling of the Phoenix Power Mobility Scooter includes rugged wheels that can conquer most terrain and removable color plates in blue and red.

Mobility Aids for Active Lifestyles After the Stroke

If your home has a raised threshold or entryway, the EZ-ACCESS Threshold Ramp is an ideal addition to make leaving and returning easy. It bridges most standard and sliding door frames allowing mobility scooters or wheelchairs to go in and out with ease. The anodized aluminum finish will not rust and can hold up to 600 pounds. Seven sizes of EZ-ACCESS Threshold Ramps are available along with a rubber version for the option to be portable.

Car Travel - Getting Out of the Car Can be Easier Than You Think

Getting out of a car can be a much more difficult task than most would assume when you have limited strength in your limbs or partial paralysis - especially if the vehicle is on the small side. Limited hand holds and a moving door do not provide much for stroke survivors to grab onto and steady themselves.

The Handybar 3 in 1 Car Aid gives you a sturdy, easy-to-grasp hand hold for entering and exiting your vehicle. When inserted into the striker plate in your car's door jam, the ergonomically designed, 8 inch red handle extends outward from the car to make standing up or sitting down easier. The Handy bar is constructed of durable steel and rubber, and has an integrated window breaker and seatbelt cutter for emergencies. It fits most vehicles and requires no modifications to your car.

Sometimes simply twisting in your seat to get in or out can present a challenge, especially for those with hip or back problems. With the Portable Swivel Seat Cushion, you simply rotate on the comfortable poly foam seat. The base plate rests on the seat of your car while the cushion swivels on durable ball bearings. The seat is comfortable for lengthy car trips and is available with one of two attractive velour covers that are removable and machine washable. The Portable Swivel Cushion works best when used with the Handybar to help you get in and out of the car.

Mobility Aids for Active Lifestyles After the Stroke

Walkers and Wheelchairs for When a Mobility Scooter is not Available

An electric mobility scooter, while convenient and ideal for most situations, is not always available and is not always the best form of transportation. Heavily crowded locations or places with steep inclines would be better navigated with a walker or wheelchair pushed by a loved one. While some walkers and wheelchairs tend to be bulky and difficult to lift in and out of a car, newer designs feature durable yet lightweight aluminum parts.

The Drive Pollywog Transport Wheelchair combines the designs of a standard wheelchair and a lightweight transport chair into one lightweight, versatile mobility device. Weighing twenty percent lighter than most wheelchairs, the Pollywog features a set of large rear wheels that can be removed with the push of a button to reveal small transport chair wheels. Removable armrests make transferring in and out of the chair easier while the removable leg rests and folding backrest allow it to be stored where space is limited. The padded nylon upholstery makes sitting in the Pollywog for extended periods of time more enjoyable and the pouch in the backrest provides a place to store personal items.

Many stroke survivors may prefer to walk rather than be pushed as a way of maintaining their independence, but they may find themselves needing to rest often. The Nova GetGo Lightweight Rollator Walker offers the user smooth rolling wheels, a large storage basket, and a padded seat with back strap for resting. This lightweight and uniquely designed rollator walker features 8 inch wheels for smooth rolling over the roughest surfaces, an ultra-compact and easy to use folding system, and a foot pedal for going up curbs. The cable-free brake design prevents the need for constant maintenance and tangled brake cables while the folding system allows the stroke patient to roll through narrow spaces. The brakes can be locked in place for added stability when standing up or sitting down. The Dana Douglas Nexus III Rollator Walker is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Staying Active and Independent Can Help the Recovery Process

For years, books and motivational speakers have preached about the power of positive thinking and how it can benefit everyone mentally and physically. Stroke survivors are no different. Retaining an active lifestyle as opposed to being stuck in their home all the time can do wonders for their outlook on life after stroke and have positive effects on the stroke recovery and rehabilitation process.

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