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Advantage Revolve Hinged Ankle Brace

SKU: A25920

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The Advantage Revolve Hinged Ankle Brace provides critical foot and arch support while resisting inversion and eversion.

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If you have a weak or injured ankle and aching arches, this brace is just what you need to speed healing and relieve pain. It will also prevent injuries when worn during sporting or daily activities. The ankle is supported by ligaments, which are assisted by muscles and tendons. Every time you take a step, they all work in unison to keep the foot in the correct position. Commonly “rolling the ankle” will occur damaging these ligaments on the outside of the foot. This can occur by stepping on the foot of another athlete, stepping off a curb, planting and changing direction while running, or walking on uneven ground. If the ankle ligaments are seriously injured, they will heal with a decreased ability to keep the ankle stable. The Advantage Revolve Hinged Ankle Brace has a neutral arch position promotes healing of injured ligaments. The three strap adjustment system allows for custom and comfortable fit and can be worn with your shoe. Give your ankle the support it nee View more

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