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Drive Medical

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  • Drive Delta Ultra Light 1000 Semi-Electric Hospital Bed

    Drive Delta Ultra Light 1000 Semi-Electric Hospital Bed

    The Drive Delta Ultra Light 1000 Semi-Electric Hospital Bed provides all the powerful features of an electric hospital bed at a fraction of the price. Equipped with a sturdy, yet lightweight frame, a high-power electric actuator, and an easy to use pendant hand control, this durable semi-electric hospital bed delivers unbeatable comfort and support right to your door.

  • Drive Spitfire Scout 4 Wheel

    Drive Spitfire Scout 4 Wheel

    The Drive Spitfire Scout 4 Wheel is a transportable scooter that combines easy and convenient mobility with superior value.

  • Drive Folding Walker Tray

    Drive Folding Walker Tray

    If you need a place to eat, read or write while using your walker then look no further. The Drive Folding Walker Tray is a durable and easy to use walker tray that fits most standard aluminum walkers. We've researched and tested several walker trays and found the Drive Folding Walker Tray to be an outstanding mobility aid due to its ease of installation, durability and holding capacity.

  • Drive Wheeled Drop Arm Commode

    Drive Wheeled Drop Arm Commode

    The Drive Wheeled Drop Arm Commode is a comfortable and easy to use bedside commode that can be moved from room to room. Equipped with an easy to release arm mechanism, the Drive Commode's arms can be dropped down for safe lateral patient transfers; when down, these arms act as a handle for added support.

  • Drive Medical Step Stool

    Drive Medical Step Stool

    If you need high quality, durable, yet lightweight step stools for your facility at an affordable price then look no further. The Drive Medical Step Stool is available with or without a hand rail.

  • Drive Home Style Bed Rail

    Drive Home Style Bed Rail

    If your patient or loved one is a risk of falling out of bed and you need a safe, durable and cost-effective means of protecting them while they sleep then look no further.

  • Drive Clever-Lite LS Walker

    Drive Clever-Lite LS Walker

    The Drive Clever-Lite LS Walker is a sturdy aluminum walker that provides a comfortable seat so you can take a rest and catch your breath. Durable and lightweight, the Clever-Lite is a walker designed to be affordable.

  • Michael Graves Moist Heating Pad

    Michael Graves Moist Heating Pad

    A moist heating pad that goes up to 165°!

    The Michael Graves Moist Heating Pad is a new and innovative heating pad from designer and architect Michael Graves. The inventive design allows the outer flannel covering to draw and retain moisture from the air and releases it to the desired part of the body when heated; no need to add water. Moist heat therapy affords the user a more efficient heat transfer than dry heat; making it ideal for treating arthritis, back pain, sprains, strains, muscle soreness or spasms, neck pain, headaches and sports injuries.

  • ActiveCare Prowler 3310 Mobility Scooter

    ActiveCare Prowler 3310 Mobility Scooter

    The Prowler 3-Wheel Heavy Duty Scooter from Drive Medical was designed and constructed with outdoor use in mind. Even so, the agile 3-wheel configuration gives way to a nimble 50" turning radius, allowing this scooter to be used indoors with ease.


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Items 1 to 27 of 175 total

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Drive Medical

Drive Medical is one among the fastest growing and reliable producers of quality durable medical equipment for use in medical, surgical, home healthcare as well as rehabilitation purposes. These devices increase the independence of those suffering from a medical condition and help them lead the best life possible. They offer walkers, rollaters, canes, commodes, bath safety, wheelchairs, beds, respiratory apparatus and many more versatile products.

The Drive Sling Seat Cane is a popular choice among customers with limited mobility. This folding seat cane is both lightweight as well as convenient in function. It provides a comfortable seat that can be used to rest while open, and when it is closed it converts into a durable quad cane.

The Electronic Muscle Stimulation from Drive Medical is useful in muscle injuries and this method of treatment is acceptable across the world. The equipment sends electronic pulses to the ailing muscles that causing them to exercise passive helping them heal more quickly.

A unique device for safety while taking a bath is the Drive Bellavita Bath Lift. This fall prevention product improves the stability and accessibility by slowing lowering and raising the user in and out of the bathtub.

For oxygen therapy and such clinical requirements for patients with breathing issues, the Oxymizer® Disposable Oxygen Conserver is a convenient option which saves money and effort serving the patients' requirements and comfort.

The Drive Wheeled Drop Arm Commode is one of the best aids to use in the bathroom and can be used at bedside or in the shower. It has a padded arm rest for comfort, a commode bucket, a splash shield and a carry handle. It is rust resistant and the arm mechanism is easy to release.

The Drive Wenzelite Nimbo Lightweight Posterior Walker is a state-of-the-art walker for children that can be customized as they grow. Designed to provide support and protection from falls, the Wenzelite Nimbo is the best when it comes to pediatric and adolescent mobility.

The convenient and innovative Drive Health-Ox Pulse Oximeter helps the users determine their heart rate values and blood oxygen in an accurate manner. The device is meant to be used on the go, being pocket-sized, and instantly provides oxygen saturation levels in detail for respiratory patients.

The Drive Home Style Bed Rail is a device that prevents patients from falling out of bed. It is constructed with durable powder coated steel and features an adjustable spring-loaded mechanism that allows it to easily be put up or down.

The Drive Large Base Quad Cane features a comfortable vinyl hand-grip, 300 lbs. weight capacity, adjustable height, lightweight design, and low center of gravity. It is ideal for steadiness and balance, this cane brings back independence for those with limited mobility.

The advanced and multifunction Drive Clever-Lite 4-Wheel Walker features a flip-up seat and comfortable backrest. The wheels can be set to swivel or not and it is very easy to open and close with side-paddle release levers. Sturdy and lightweight, this walker is perfect for that need assistance while walking.

The Chrome Knurled Grab Bars are safe stable bathroom bars with an attractive chrome finish and no-slip surface. The Drive grab bars can be mounted vertically or horizontally, providing a customized bath safety solution.

Drive Medical promises great quality and prompt after sale support.